Signs You are Dating a Telepath

Have you ever dated a telepath? While the concept of being able to communicate telepathically with a lover can be intriguing, it might not be so great to be dating someone who is a much more powerful telepath than you are.

telepathWe all have some telepathic capabilities, but a telepath is someone who has a strong ability to use mind-to mind communication. Typically, telepaths are more in control of their abilities than the average person. Here are some signs that your significant other may be a telepath:

They know what you’re thinking. They always seem to know what you’re thinking even when you haven’t said it. Sometimes this can be cute, but other times you don’t necessarily want someone knowing every thought that goes across your mind.

They know when you’re hiding something. When we’re dating, we don’t always want to share everything immediately. We might want to take our time to get to know someone before we let them into every aspect of our lives. If you are dating a telepath, he or she will ask you about things that you don’t want to talk about, almost as if they know you are keeping something from them.

They beat you to the punch. Maybe you’re getting ready to call your significant other and they call you first. Or perhaps you’re about to suggest a certain outing and they suggest it first. This isn’t necessarily coincidence; rather it could be that you’re dating a telepath who is picking up on your thoughts.

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You find yourself doing things for the person that you would not normally do. Yes, we do things differently when we fall in love, but that might not be the reason that you’re acting in a way that is not normal to you. Some telepaths are strong receivers, meaning they pick up on the thoughts of others. Other telepaths are strong senders, meaning they are able to transmit thoughts to others. If you are dating a strong sender, it’s possible that he or she could be transmitting requests that you are subconsciously picking up on.

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How to block a telepath

So what if you don’t like the idea that you’re dating a telepath and you want to create more ┬ámental barriers between yourself and the other person? Luckily, there are things that you can do:

Build a mental barrier. Visualization is powerful. Don’t dismiss how you can transform your life by visualizing an outcome of your choosing. If you want to create a barrier between yourself and a telepath, visualize an energetic bubble protecting your thoughts and keeping them in your energy field. Also visualize that same bubble keeping out the thoughts of the suspected telepath.

Get help from spirit guides. Our spirit guides are there to help us. They work with us and protect us, but often they wait for us to ask for help. Ask your spirit guides to help you to block anyone that is using telepathy on you without your permission.

Ask your partner to stop, telepathically. When it comes to telepathy, two can play that game. If you’re in a relationship with someone that you trust, try sending them a telepathic thought asking them to stop using telepathy without your permission. You might do this while meditating or right before you go to sleep when your subconscious mind will have more power over your conscious mind. Then see if you notice a difference.

Do telepathic exercises together. If you can’t beat them, you can always join them. If you suspect your significant other is a telepath, suggest that the two of you work together and strengthen your telepathic skills. Practice sending and receiving thoughts to one another. One of you think of something and send the thought and then ask the other what came to their mind. The more you practice, the more telepathically in sync you are likely to find yourselves.

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