Signs you are a natural telepathic receiver

telepathic receiverTelepathy, the ability to send and transmit messages to others without speaking, is a skill that many people wish to have. However, you may be a natural telepathic receiver–someone who naturally picks up on the thoughts of others.

Chances are, in some areas of your life,  you are already practicing telepathy and not even realizing it. It’s typically easier to transmit and receive thoughts from those we are closest to. For example, couples might notice they finish each other’s sentences. A person may always receive a phone call from their best friend when they are particularly down in the dumps.

But some people are just naturally gifted at receiving telepathic messages. Here are some signs that you are a natural telepathic receiver.

You often call people and they say they were just thinking of you. In this case, you likely sensed that they wanted to talk to you. While you thought your desire to reach out was your desire alone, you were in fact subconsciously reacting to the request, as a telepathic receiver.

You’re an empath. Sure, we know that empaths pick up on the moods of others. But sometimes, empaths are really picking up on thoughts, which allows them to know the mood of the person they are around. The stronger an empath is, the more mental and emotional debris they are likely to pick up on.

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You do things before someone has the chance to ask. For example, you may stop at Starbucks and pick up an extra cup for a colleague at work and it just so happens that they were getting ready to go get a cup of coffee.

You know when someone is thinking sexual thoughts about you. This one can feel cruddy unless you’re attracted to the person that is thinking these thoughts. You’re around someone and feel fine, and suddenly you are uncomfortable around them. You may be picking up on their less-than-pure thoughts.

You have a thought that someone will do something, and they do it that day. This one can be exciting when it happens, particularly if you’re trying to strengthen your telepathic abilities. You may be doing something and have a sudden thought that someone is going to ask you out or someone is going to invite you to a certain event. If that, in fact, does happen, it might indicate that you received the thought when the other person made the decision to do it. Or perhaps you even picked up on it when the person was worrying about how to ask you or tell you.

The good news about telepathy is that we all can strengthen our abilities. If you are a natural receiver, pay attention to the insights you get! Want to learn more about telepathy, click here may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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