Signs that your boyfriend is cheating

You’ve been with your significant other for quite some time. The relationship has brought you a lot of joy and you really believe him to be the one. But something recently has changed. He still spends time with you, just not as much as he used to. He says work has been challenging and taking up more of his time, but you have a nagging suspicion that he’s not being truthful. In fact, you get that dropping sensation in the pit of your stomach when he makes an excuse for not having called or seen you — and that’s been happening more and more frequently, of late. While you have no evidence to prove it, your gut tells you your boyfriend is cheating.

How do you find out whether your gut is right?

First of all, you should never ignore your innate psychic abilities. Everyone is psychic to a degree. Some people have more natural ability than others, but we can all strengthen our psychic abilities through psychic development courses, and by listening to the psychic messages that we do get. If your gut is telling you that your boyfriend is cheating, then unfortunately, he probably is.

But there are other signs that your boyfriend is cheating that you can look for. Among them:

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  • He is spending significantly less time with you.
  • You frequently have no idea where he is.
  • He’s taking longer to return your phone calls.
  • He’s taking longer to return your text messages.
  • He’s become protective of his phone. He won’t leave it lying around and he constantly takes it with him.
  • He’s started sprucing up his appearance, whether by working out more or making a lot of changes to his wardrobe.
  • He’s become more guarded, or emotionally distant from you.
  • He’s become much more critical of you and the things you say, wear or do.
  • He’s accused you of cheating.
  • His sexual habits have changed, with him wanting more sex, less sex or different types of sexual activities.

What you should do if you suspect that he’s cheating

couple-sadIf you’ve noticed one or more of these signs AND your gut tells you that he is cheating, what should you do? You really want to be sure that he’s cheating before you say anything because accusing him of something that he’s not doing could put strain on the relationship, as well. Think about it, how would you feel if you weren’t cheating on your boyfriend and he accused you of it?

You also need to consider whether your fears are simply your own insecurities. You might ask yourself, is it common for you to think that someone is cheating on you? Do you always rifle through your boyfriends’ pockets looking for phone numbers? Or do you peek at his phone when he’s not looking because you’re expecting to find evidence that he’s communicating with another woman? If so, then you might just be exhibiting signs of insecurity, and you’re confusing psychic ability with your own fears about the relationship.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a second opinion from someone who is removed from the situation? Someone who can offer their take on the relationship and whether or not you’re being paranoid in thinking that your boyfriend is cheating. You may think a friend could do this, but often our friends are emotionally invested in our happiness and may not be totally impartial. For example, a friend may have heard you complain about the bad times with your boyfriend and as a result she may automatically think yes, of course, he’s cheating. On the other hand, a friend who is jealous of your relationship could, in fact, tell you she thinks he’s cheating so you two will break up.

A better solution is to get the advice from a love psychic. Not only can a love psychic let you know if you have reason to be insecure about the relationship, but the love psychic can also give you some suggestions for strengthening the relationship if it’s one that is meant to be salvaged. The love psychic can also talk to your Spirit Guides to find out if there is anything else that they want you to know about this relationship. For example, the distance you feel between you and your boyfriend may simply be a temporary lull that is soon to be followed by a period of intense closeness. Your psychic adviser can help you to figure that out.

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