Signs You Have a Psychic Connection With Someone

psychic connection

While it’s possible to pick up psychic information on anyone under the right circumstances, there are certain individuals who you may share a particularly strong psychic connection with. 

When you have a psychic connection with someone, you immediately know things about them that go way beyond the surface. This is not information that you gathered by having long, intimate conversations. Instead, this is insight that you know without having ever been told. 

  • You may feel like you understand aspects of their behavior that even they don’t understand. 
  • Maybe you know what they are going to say before they say it. 
  • Perhaps you instantly know when they are lying. 
  • Maybe you know the two of you are meant to do something important together. 

So why might you have a psychic connection with someone? 

In some cases, they could be a soulmate. Soulmates are those who are members of the same soul group and who we share a special connection with. We typically share multiple lifetimes with our soulmates, and therefore our connection is based on shared memories, lessons and even tragedies in some cases. 

Another reason you might have a psychic connection with someone is because the Universe wants you to connect.  A Spirit Guide might need for you to hear a certain message and a psychic connection with another person can facilitate that message.  

Have you ever had a stranger enter your life briefly and change the course of your life? For example, you might be in an elevator and a person who is in there with you draws your attention and you notice a book they have in their hand. The connection between you and this person is so strong that you feel a strong desire to go buy and read that book. You follow your gut, and the book changes your life. 

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Whenever we have a psychic connection with someone, one thing is clear: We are meant on a soul level to connect. 

Signs of psychic connection

All psychic connections don’t look the same. Here are some ways a psychic connection could make itself felt:

You have a telepathic connection

This is one of the easiest ways to tell that you have a psychic connection with someone. With a telepathic connection, you may finish each other’s sentences or simply know what the other person is going to say.

Knowing a loved one is about to call you the second before they do is also an example of a telepathic connection because you’re actually sensing their thought to call you before they physically take action. 

If you think you have a telepathic connection with someone, there are also ways to strengthen that connection. Click here to read how lovers can strengthen their telepathic skills.

You notice certain physical changes when they are around

Empaths and those who have the psychic gift of clairsentience are likely to experience this. (If you are an empath, learn more about your gift, here.)

When certain people come around, you literally feel your body react. 

The key here is that your body reacts the same way whenever that person comes near. For example, your tummy might clench or you might need to scratch your elbow. The feelings are usually very subtle and can easily be missed, which is why it’s so important to stay present and be aware of how you are feeling at all times.

You share dreams

A dream connection with another person can show up in a number of ways. They may enter your dreams or you may enter their dreams consciously. In this situation, one or both parties set out to strengthen their psychic connection through the dreamworld. 

You can also experience a subconscious connection where you wake up and remember that this person was in your dream. 

Sometimes communication takes place and you’ll have an entire conversation in a dream. In other cases, you just might notice the person there or feel his or her presence there. 

Another way this plays out is if you’re having a conversation with someone and the subjects of dreams come up. You may realize that both of you have dreamt of similar landscapes or had other common elements show up in your dreams. 

You keep running into each other

Synchronicity is often a sign of a psychic connection. With all of the billions of people in the world, what are the odds that we will run into one particular person more than once if we aren’t trying to? (To be fair, I’m not talking here about people you work with or live near who you are likely to run into anyway).

If you happen upon a person multiple times in a short period of time and there is no reason the two of you should cross paths, there is likely a psychic connection in play and there may be something the two of you are meant to do together.

Should you tell someone you think you have a psychic connection with them?

This is where things can get tricky. If you think you have a psychic connection with someone, it’s natural to feel excited. You may want to tell the world or at least share that news with that person. You might also want validation that your feelings are correct.

The problem is everyone isn’t open to the idea of having a psychic connection with another person. If you tell someone you have a psychic connection with them and they are not ready to hear that, they may back away from you out of a sense of discomfort. 

Also, if your psychic abilities are strong, you’re likely to pick up on things that other people won’t. One of the challenges of embracing your gifts is that you may not be able to share everything you see or sense or hear with everyone in your life.

They may not experience what you are experiencing because their psychic abilities may not be strong enough fot them to do so. In other words you could be picking up on the psychic connection you have with someone and even though it is a very real thing, the other person may not have the psychic skills to feel it.

While you should always use your own intuition when making decisions, in many cases, I think sharing that you have a psychic connection with someone could cause more troubles than it’s worth.

Do psychic connections last forever?

If you have a psychic connection with someone you may think the two of you will always be connected, but that is not necessarily true. A psychic connection could exist because it is important for you and this other person to connect at this particular time. As we said earlier in this post, there might be something you and that person are destined to do together.

Once the two of you do what you were supposed to do, there may be no need for the two of you to connect anymore. In that case, the psychic connection could break since it is no longer needed.

On the flip side, there will be some psychic connections — such as those with soulmates — that are likely to stand the test of lifetime after lifetime.

However, there could be instances where a psychic connection is not good for you. Click here to learn the signs that you should cut a psychic connection off. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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