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Have you ever experienced the nagging sense of deja vu — the feeling that you have been in a certain place and experienced a certain moment before? Often deja vu occurs because you’re recalling something or seeing a similarity with something that happened in a past life. If you’re in touch with your psychic ability, you probably have moments in which you remember aspects of your past lives, which is when deja vu kicks in.

Sometimes those of us who are in touch with our psychic ability will sense that we have an instant connection with someone. That is also often our past lives communicating with us. We’re not the only ones who have lived multiple lives. Our loved ones have also lived multiple past lives. And typically we travel in the same circles.

wb051454Often the people that we shared our past lives with are the people that we share our current life with. We might not come back in the same roles. For example, your husband in a previous lifetime could be your brother in this lifetime. Or a person that you hate in this lifetime could have been your best friend in a lifetime that has passed. It’s not unusual for us to come across people in our current lifetime who shared another lifetime with us. Here are some signs that we might have shared a lifetime with someone who is currently in our lives.

There was an immediate positive connection. Have you ever met someone and immediately been able to share your feelings and vulnerabilities? Chances are your soul recognizes the person and you know instinctively that this is someone you’ve loved and trusted in a past life.

There was an immediate negative reaction. We don’t just come back with the people we love. We often come back with the people we hate. Our greatest lessons are taught not only by our loved ones, but by our enemies, as well. In fact, often our enemies are our greatest teachers. If you have an immediate negative reaction to someone it could be for something that happened in a past life rather than this one.

You experience a strong sense of deja vu. We already discussed the origins of deja vu. If you experience deja vu when you’re with a particular person, chances are the two of you experienced life together before.

You have a telepathic connection. Is there someone in your life who you understand so much that you know what they’re going to say before they say it and vice-versa? If so, there’s a good chance that you two have traveled many lives together. Souls that share lifetimes tend to have a deeper connection than souls who are just interacting for the first time. If your connection is on a subconscious level, you’ve probably been together before.

You recognize their eyes. This is a trait that’s common with soulmates. If you come across someone and recognize their eyes it’s probably because you’ve been together in previous lifetimes. While our bodies change from lifetime to lifetime our eyes stay the same so you can recognize someone from a previous lifetime in this manner.

The relationship is short-lived but intense. Have you ever met someone and had an intense relationship with them only for it to end within a matter of months or even weeks? Often we have unresolved business with someone from a past life but we don’t need a long time to resolve it. A short, intense relationship can provide the closure that both parties need. While such a relationship can be painful and confusing in this present lifetime, it can be exactly what both parties needed to do on a subconscious level to resolve an experience from the past. If you feel very strongly that you’ve known someone from a past life, you can get confirmation from a psychic. AskNow lets you ask a free question by calling 1-877-649-2391.

Why you must learn what your past lives are trying to tell you

Knowing about your past lives and past life relationships can make a tremendous difference in your current life. If there are lessons that you didn’t get in a past life, those lessons will be particularly powerful in this one. The Universe wants to make sure that you don’t miss it again. Is there something very painful that you’re dealing with? It’s possible that you’re dealing with a past life issue. The sooner you realize that, the sooner you can determine what you need to learn, and the sooner you’ll be free of that pain.

If you know about your past lives, you can:

—Understand why you keep making that same mistake.

—Understand why you have an instant connection with someone and you may be able to figure out who they were to you in a past life.

—Learn how to break free of challenges that have been plaguing you.

—Finally achieve that goal that has been eluding you.

One of the best ways to learn about your past lives — particularly those that are impacting your current life — is to have a past life regression. Check your local yellow pages or contact someone at a local metaphysical store to see if they can recommend a past life regression therapist in your neighborhood. If you can’t find someone locally or you’d rather do the work at home,  try the  Mypastlife Past Life Regression Pack.   Put together by Andrew Parr, a professional past life regression therapist, the program helps you to unlock the memories that you already have of your past lives.  You may discover why you have certain phobias and why certain things trigger emotion in you. You may also learn why certain lessons keep repeating and how to know whether you’re dealing with current baggage or baggage from a past life.

Some people may feel satisfied just knowing that they shared a past life with someone. However, we’ve had multiple lives and typically do not remember the details from all of them. Those that we do remember are brought to our attention by the Universe for a reason. There is typically a major lesson that can make a huge difference in the current course of our lives and if the thought that you’ve shared a past life with someone doesn’t go away, there likely is an important reason.  Maybe the Universe is giving us another opportunity to connect with a soulmate. Maybe we are being given an opportunity to break a habit or end a relationship for good.  By taking the time to explore our past lives more thoroughly and gaining a deeper understanding of them, we can make wiser choices and in many cases move closer to our dreams than we ever thought possible. Other resources for exploring past lives include: Journeys Into Past Lives by Denise Linn, and Mirrors of Time: Experience Your Past Lives by Brian Weiss, who is one of the pre-eminent names in past life research.

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