Signs You Lived Through a Plague in a Past Life

plague past life

As COVID-19 continues to affect so many people, the images and stories we’re seeing of so many people dying every day are heartbreaking. But for some people who may have experienced a plague in a past life, the spread of the novel coronavirus could be a trigger for painful past life memories.

For many of us, past life memories come in flashes. If we remember anything at all about a past life, we’re likely to remember traumatic moments from that lifetime such as our moment of death or perhaps the death of a loved one. For those who died in a past plague or watched loved one succumb in a plague, today’s tragedies may feel familiar.

There are likely many people who have such past life memories; after all past plagues took so many lives. For example, the Black Death alone is believed to have killed 50 million people in the 1300s. Here are some signs you may be one of them.

Your interest in COVID-19 was sparked long before anyone else was thinking about it.

Were you one of the people who kept checking social media for updates on the new virus in Wuhan while everyone else was busy focusing on other things? Did you feel an acute interest in hearing the latest news reports on this epidemic that was sweeping the globe? Were you stocking up on food and water and toilet paper earlier than everyone else because you sensed the new virus was more dangerous than most people thought? If any of these are true, you may have recognized what was happening because you had been in a similar situation before.

You feel moved by stories of plagues in history.

If there’s an event in history that you’re obsessed with for no logical reason, or you feel an emotional pull toward, you could be drawn to be it because you lived it. One participant in a reincarnation online forum wrote: “The Plague and my feelings towards mass killing or ‘mass deaths’ is something that has always got an emotional reaction from me.”

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If you lived through a plague in a past life, you may have experienced fear, anxiety, grief and a sense of overwhelm. Such heavy emotions could have left an imprint in your subconscious, which causes you to feel moved when you think about those events.

You have fears that are associated with past plagues.

Maybe you’ve always been a germaphobe. Maybe your fears of the COVID-19 pandemic seem more heightened than the fears of those around you. One person on the before-mentioned online forum who had experienced a plague in a past life said he always poured boiling water over his dishes during flu season. Another forum participant said he always feared mice and rats, two rodents that were known to bring the bubonic plague to the human population.

You have an interest in or pursued a career in medicine.

For some people, fear of a past life doesn’t haunt them. Instead they feel a strong drive to prevent what happened to them in the past from happening again. That may be the case for some who feel compelled to do all that they can to fight COVID-19. It may also be the reason that someone decided to go into the field of public health or epidemiology. Your career choices may tell you a lot about a past life.

Past lives are valuable because they often come with lessons that you may have missed in previous lifetimes but are able to finally comprehend today. They also remind us that even in the face of death and tragedy, there are new opportunities and lifetimes to continue one’s spiritual journey. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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