Is Your Pet Psychic? Here are Some Signs

pet psychic

Have you ever wondered whether you could communicate telepathically with your pet? There is plenty of evidence that animals are psychic. In fact, animals rely on their instincts so much that it’s likely that animals are more psychic than humans. If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘Is my pet psychic?’ there are some steps you can take to satisfy your curiosity.

Like babies, animals are very in tune with their psychic abilities. Watch how a pet’s mood or demeanor changes around different people. Like a baby who instantly senses who he or she likes or doesn’t like, an animal will often instantly take to someone or show you who it does not want to be around.

If you have doubts that your pet and other animals are psychic, consider all of the evidence that animals are naturally psychic.

They know when you are about to come home

If you have a cat or a dog and you leave the house, you may notice that your pet instinctively knows you are about to come home — moments before you do. The only way you can know this is if you live with someone who is in the home while you are gone. That person may be able to tell you how the animal began to get excited or ran to the door before you arrived.

They can sense danger

It’s also been noted that animals can often sense danger before it occurs. If you have a pet, don’t be surprised if your pet begins to act strangely before a storm occurs. For example, a cat might get under the bed and hide a half hour before a severe thunderstorm breaks out. There are also reports that animals fled areas where natural disasters were about to occur. For example, when the Indonesian tsunami struck some years ago, many animals are reported to have fled to higher ground before the natural disaster actually occurred.

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They can find their way home

Anther sign that animals are psychic is how many are able to find their way home after getting lost. You may have heard stories of animals losing their way and then finding their way back to their owners after a period of time. There have even been stories of families moving and their lost pets were able to find their way to the new home.

I know someone who this happened to. She had a cat who ran away shortly before she was planning to move. Though she tried hard to find the cat, she never did, and so she ended up moving without the cat to a new apartment about 30 miles away from the old one. Months later, the cat was picked up by animal control a few miles away from my friend’s new home. Since the cat was chipped, they contacted my friend and she was able to pick up her cat. It’s hard to explain that logically.

They can pick up on your moods

Since animals are already in tune with their psychic ability, it’s not a far stretch to believe that they can communicate telepathically. If you have a pet, you may have noticed how it can pick up on your moods. For example, your dog or cat may cuddle up to you when you’re sad as if it knows that you need the extra love.

How to communicate telepathically with your pet

If you want to try communicating telepathically with your pet, first you need to believe that it is possible. Quiet your thoughts and breathe deeply, then visualize yourself making a connection to your pet. Say what you want to say to your pet. You might tell your pet how much you love him or her, or simply tell your pet about your day. Test the connection by telepathically summoning your pet and seeing how long it takes your pet to come to you. You can also visit a pet psychic who may be able to communicate with your pet more easily. 

Our pets play a very important role in our lives. By enhancing our natural connection to our pets telepathically, we can enjoy our furry friends even more.

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