A Way to Bond With Your Tarot Cards

Are you wanting more guidance or clarification about something that is going on in your life? Do you want to get psychic insights into your love life or your financial situation tonight before you go to sleep? One technique that may help you bond with your tarot cards — and get more detailed answers from them — is to sleep with them under your pillow.

sleep with tarot cards
Tarot cards are incredible tools for encouraging psychic insights. When we work with tarot cards, the symbols on the cards work with our subconscious minds and our intuition to give us guidance about different areas of our life. One way to use tarot cards is to place them in a spread and conduct a psychic reading based on the meanings of the various cards.

However, when we are working with the cards, we have to feel comfortable with them. Remember, the cards are providing you with information so you literally have a relationship with them. Just as you would invest time and energy to develop a relationship with a person, it’s a good idea to invest time and energy to develop a relationship with your tarot cards. 

Bonding with tarot cards while you sleep

The more time you spend with a deck of tarot cards and the more frequently you use it, the more comfortable you will be with that particular deck. In fact, when I get a new deck, I often go through the deck card by card and meditate on each card, asking it what message it has for me. However, you can also bond with your tarot cards while you sleep.

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To do so, simply place the cards under your pillow and set the intention before you sleep that you bond with the cards. You can place the entire deck under your pillow, you can choose a few cards that have a special meaning to you or you can place cards under your pillow one by one. Do whatever feels right to you. Trust your gut.

While you are bonding with the tarot cards in your sleep, you may benefit in another way. You may be able to get deeper answers to your life’s questions from the tarot cards that are under your pillow.

Deciphering tarot cards and their meanings

For example, you can also sleep with tarot cards under your pillow to drill down deep on a particular area of your life.

Say you want to know more about your love life. You can choose a tarot card that symbolizes love. Perhaps you choose the Lovers card or the two of cups, both of which could symbolize a romantic relationship. Take the card and come up with a question that you would like an answer to. Perhaps you want to know whether you should stay in your current relationship or whether you should let it go.

Once you have your question, set the intention to get intuitive guidance about that area of your life. Then, place the tarot card underneath your pillow before you go to sleep.

Whenever you’re working with dreams, be prepared to record your insights. Have a journal or a recorder near your bed so you can record the insights you get from your dream or dreams. As you are interpreting any dreams, think specifically about how the dream ties back to the original question that you asked.

Even if you have questions about a lot of different subjects, it’s best to focus on one at a time. Also, choose one tarot card that best represents the question that you have or that you are particularly drawn to.

If you don’t have tarot cards, you can use Oracle cards or even regular playing cards. The idea is to choose a card that resonates with you and reminds you of whatever part of your life you would like extra insight on. Click here to learn about another reason to sleep with tarot cards under your pillow.

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