Spiritual growth isn’t that hard to achieve—here’s how

Strong relationships are important if you wish to live a fuller, healthier, and more meaningful life. It is crucial that your relationships with people at work or in your home are strong and positive. We can also find meaning in our lives if we work on our beliefs through the teachings of our own religion. Whether you are a Muslim, a Christian, a Tao, etc., your spirituality and faith must be a priority that goes on top of your list. It is said that the highest aim of one’s spiritual journey is absolute surrender and abandon. And that this, by far, is the most powerful gesture of faith. Absolute surrender only means you are allowing your God (or the one that you believe in) to do what it needs to do and your only job is to accept and enjoy it. While many people find this hard to do, and sometimes they need a personal psychic reading to help them, we have prepared a list of simple and easy-to-do steps that you can take on your journey to spiritual growth.

Don’t ignore the positive energy around you—maximize it!

You have probably come across or heard the term “law of attraction” many times now: it says that if you want something really bad, you will eventually get it. Use the law of attraction to work for you. Use it to attract people with the same goal of spiritual betterment, those people who see the good in life, those who are thankful about the simple things. Be with those people who are set to have a good time, who do not emphasize the bad. If you wish to meet people who think the same as you do, then you will meet them. Express your positivity by posting grateful messages on your social media account. Whenever you wake up, give thanks to the small things in life.

Give thanks, every single day.

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, you must not let a moment pass without saying your thank you. Did the barista get your usual order right? Say thank you! Did your friend pick you up after work and give you a ride home? Say thank you. You can express your gratitude in many ways. You can say it or you can do something about it. Donate to your local organization for the homeless. Your oversized shirts will be put to good use by those who are really in need. It feels good to give back once in a while. Let others feel that they are appreciated. This way, you spread goodness and positivity.

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Don’t beat yourself up—forgive yourself.

Things don’t happen just for the heck of it. They happen for a reason. You are bound to make mistakes and do something not right to others and to yourself. Charge it to experience, and learn never to hold grudges. Forgive yourself, but allow this event to be a learning experience. The path to forgiving is this: accepting who you are and accepting that what you did was wrong. Then promise to yourself never to do it again, and make good on this promise. If you think you might be doing something wrong, just take a break before you say or do anything. Sometimes, our words are just as scathing as our actions. Do not fall prey to the ease of words.


Yoga, in a literal sense, means union. Rishis have taught us that, by exercising, stretching, and balance gives us a chance to have an experience being united and close with God. Not only that yoga does wonders for your body, but it also allows you the silent time to think about more important things while doing it in a gentle way.

Go nature-tripping.

Be one with nature and go on a long, fun hike! Surrounding yourself with nature is a nice way to de-stress away from the hustle and bustle of a noisy city. Let the sounds of nature in—the chirping birds, the flowing water, and the rustling leaves. While being in a place like this, you can take the time to contemplate, especially if you need to make an important decision.

While on the great outdoors, you can also try to read some inspirational and motivating books as you take a break to rest. If money is an issue, you can always visit the public library and loan some titles that are helpful to your spiritual growth. Understand everything and make a vow to follow the things that make sense to your life.


While you have your sets of short- and long-term goals in life, it is important that you celebrate your achievements no matter if they are small or big. This is also a way track your progress, to see how you are doing and what you are doing to achieve these goals. The celebration does not even have to be grandiose in nature. You can do small things that make you happy. Go for a long walk and an ice cream. Or you can buy a pair of shoes you have always wanted. Celebrations will motivate you to work harder and better to achieve your goals in life.

Well, there you go—the simple things that matter for your spiritual growth. This does not necessarily mean you would need to go to some secluded country like India and meet up with a guru. You do not have to even shell out thousands of dollars to realize your worth. Spirituality is a choice—not a lifestyle. If you are bent on living a spiritually healthy and fulfilling life, you are already halfway there and these tips will only serve as guides. Be positive, happy, and grateful each day. Never dwell on the negative side for too long and too much. Soon, you will find yourself more fulfilled in life than ever.

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