Strange Signs You’re a Psychic Medium

signs psychic mediumSome people work hard to develop their psychic abilities. Others just seem to have a natural knack for all things psychic. If you’re the latter, you may find yourself seeing ‘strange’ things, particularly if you are a psychic medium.

I have a friend who is a natural medium. She knows this, yet she is afraid to embrace it. The idea of talking to spirits makes her nervous. She sees faces everywhere and says they never speak to her. A part of her wants to know what they want from her while another part of her doesn’t want to open up that can of worms. A professional medium suggested that she take a psychic development class, but she isn’t ready to do that.

It’s perfect fine for you to take your time and explore your psychic abilities when you’re ready. However, it’s a good idea to know what types of experiences you may have as your medium capabilities grow. Here are some things you might see if you are a psychic medium. Don’t be alarmed; knowledge is power.

Flashes in the corner of your eye

Psychic mediums typically find themselves straddling between two worlds. They’re seeing and experiencing their current reality while sometimes getting glimpses of a different realm. If you’re a psychic medium, you may think you see something out of the corner of your eye, yet when you turn to look there is nothing there. Some people find it easier to sense spirits through their peripheral vision rather than by looking directly in that direction.

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Shadows and distorted images

lucid dreamingHave you ever been in a dark room and thought you a strange shadow yet when you turned the light on, nothing was there? Psychic mediums who are clairvoyant often see spirits in their mind’s eye. Yet, when you’re in the beginning stages of developing your abilities, your conscious mind might be fighting you and trying to convince you that you’re making things up. For this reason, images may be blurry or distorted and you may see shadows that seem to be there one minute and gone the next. If you do take action and work on enhancing your psychic abilities, you may notice that images become more clear.

Images when you close your eyes

Sometimes psychic mediums see images more easily when they close their eyes. That can be unsetting because you can feel like you can’t turn those darned abilities off. (The good news is you can actually learn how to turn your psychic abilities off.) Sometimes your abilities will be most noticeable when you’re either drifting off to sleep or when you are sleep and dreaming. In fact, some psychic mediums who close off their abilities find that spirits instead try to connect with them when they’re sleeping and their defenses are down.

Of course, seeing isn’t the only way to experience life as a psychic medium. Some mediums don’t see anything at all; rather they hear voices or sense the presence of spirits. Don’t get so caught up in how things have to happen; rather, allow your psychic abilities to grow in their own unique way.

Yes, it can be scary to see or experience spirits, particularly if all you know about mediumship is what you’ve seen on television. To ease your mind, ask your spirit guides for protection. The more you learn about this psychic gift, the better able you will be to handle it, and you may even get to a point where you are grateful for it. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.