Surviving — and Thriving — During Mercury Retrograde Fall 2019

Yes, Mercury Retrograde rolls around again on October 31, 2019 at 11:41 a.m. EST. Halloween, no doubt. This time, Mercury reverses direction in Scorpio until November 20, 2019, suggesting that things you’ve kept under the surface may begin to materialize for the world — and for yourself — to see.

If you know your natal chart, check out the house that Scorpio falls in, as that will be the area of your life most affected by Mercury Retrograde. Also, Virgos and Geminis may feel this more acutely than others since Mercury is the ruling planet of their sun sign.

While the world seems to collectively dread Mercury Retrograde, there are upsides to the three-week period.

Can a psychic reading help during Mercury Retrograde?

— 3 ways Mercury Retrograde can help your life

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