Telepathic Techniques to Try at Work

Telepathy — mind to mind communication — isn’t just something of science fiction. It is a form of communication that we all have if we just develop it. When we’re able to calm our minds and focus our energy, we can send thoughts to others and receive the thoughts that they are sending to us. If you are interested in strengthening your telepathic abilities, there are some telepathic techniques that can help you to do so. Here are some telepathic techniques you can try at work.

telepathic techniquesCommunication is important in the workplace. We often have to work on teams, and it’s important for us to communicate our value to our co-workers and our managers. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to do so telepathically? Here are some exercises to try.

The Telepathic Lunch Date. This is an exercise in which you can see who in your workplace might be on the same telepathic wave-length as you. Think about a restaurant that is near your workplace that most of your colleagues would be familiar with. Think about how much you would like to go to that restaurant and how you would love for some of your colleagues to accompany you.

(Don’t suggest any colleagues in particular. Your goal is to see if anyone picks up on your thoughts.) Keep thoughts of the restaurant in your mind throughout the day. Do this for up to a week and see if someone suggests lunch at that workplace.

A Telepathic Coffee Break. Another fun exercise is to see if you can telepathically encourage someone to take a coffee break. This is an exercise you can try with certain people at work that you have a close relationship with and whose workspace you can see from your desk. Think about this person and visualize yourself giving him or her a cup of coffee. Then visualize the person drinking the coffee and enjoying it. Keep doing this whenever you think about it and see if you notice the person shortly thereafter going to get a cup of coffee.

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The Telepathic Appreciation Game. A third exercise is an attempt to let someone at work know that you appreciate them. Think of someone you regularly see whose work contributions you do admire. This should be someone you genuinely like. It can be a work friend or it can simply be a colleague that you respect. For this exercise, think of this person and tell them in your mind how much you appreciate them. Maintain this thought throughout the day and see how the person responds to you. Don’t be surprised if they look your way and smile or come over to your desk and strike up a conversation.

As you try these telepathic techniques, understand that it may take time for you to have success. Also, the quieter your mind, the more likely you’ll make a telepathic connection with someone at work.

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