How Telepathy Can Help You Land a Promotion

telepathy workplaceMany of us spend most of our working hours in the workplace. And we want that time to be as pleasant as possible, right? We want to feel fulfilled, we want to be successful and most of us want to make more money. So can telepathy help us to climb the corporate ladder and score that promotion?

I always say, what’s the use in having telepathic abilities if you don’t put them to use? Telepathy can be a powerful tool and it can help us inside and out of the workplace. But we need to pay attention to a couple of important truths.

When many people think of telepathy, they envision themselves sending thoughts to someone. However, many of us are stronger telepathic receivers than we are senders. A telepathic receiver is someone who can pick up on the thoughts of others either intentionally or randomly. And here’s where it gets tricky. Is it ethical to deliberately pick up on the thoughts of your co-workers through telepathy?

Telepathy or mental eavesdropping?

When you pick up on the thoughts of others, are you eavesdropping? If the info pops into your head, are you overstepping boundaries?
Is it cool to see two co-workers whispering by the watercooler and using telepathy to try to see what they are talking about?

Can you use telepathy to figure out if your boss is going to give you a raise?
Or is it ok to use it to figure out what your boss secretly wants so you can give it to her and have a better chance of getting a promotion?

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If you’re deliberately picking up on thoughts without the other person’s permission, you may be overstepping. However, sometimes people give off information. In that case, you’re not trying to pick up on telepathic thoughts, but you get them anyway. Why not act on them?

Using telepathy to strengthen work relationships

So how can you utilize your telepathic gifts in the workplace to help you to get ahead in your career? Building alliances in the workplace is one way. You also want to be able to anticipate what people need and have strong workplace relationships. Here are some suggestions for ways that telepathy can help you do that.

Embrace the idea of receiving telepathic messages. When you set an intention, the Universe has a way of conspiring to help you. Not only that, but you open yourself energetically to psychic energy. If you open your channel so someone can telepathically communicate with you (even if they don’t know how), you’re more likely to pick up on it. One way to open your telepathic channel is through meditation.

Use telepathy to ease communications. One of the strongest uses of telepathy is for paving the way for our verbal communications. Before important conversations at work or before meetings, visualize the conversation going a certain way. Visualize yourself sharing information with a co-worker or a colleague and visualize both of you being energized by the communications. Be willing to try it multiple times. See how the relationships change with your colleagues.

Share helpful information with a colleague telepathically. The next time you’re in a meeting and a colleague is talking, send him or her a thought that could help them to better make their point. See if they then bring up the point that you sent them. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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