The Secret to Oprah’s Success

Some people think of intuition as being the stuff of psychics and gypsies gazing intently into crystal balls but in reality, such successful business people as Oprah, Bill Gates, and Donald Trump have credited intuition with helping them make profitable decisions, says Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions.

Intuition, Dossey explains, is when you know something instinctively without needing logic, analysis or evidence to back it up. It’s sensing that a new product line is going to be a hit even if the ones before it failed. It’s feeling that a layoff is around the corner even if your boss says things are going well. It’s having a suspicion that someone is lying when they swear they’re telling the truth.

Everyone has had those moments when they had a good or bad feeling about something, but people like Oprah, Gates and Trump acted on those instincts even when they went against popular logic. As a result, they often came out leading trends rather than following them. The U.S. auto industry is in shambles partly because automakers failed to see what was around the corner; they didn’t anticipate the shifting needs of their customers in a changing world. I wonder how many auto execs are now kicking themselves for not paying attention to intuitive guidance. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.