Tips for sensing subtle energies

As your psychic ability strengthens, so does your ability to sense subtle energies. You’ll notice how one person feels different from another. You’ll see that people who you enjoy spending time with the most actually feel better to you on an energetic level.

Another benefit of being able to sense subtle energies is your ability to empathize with people or your ability to detect how another person’s mood has changed. Imagine being able to discern when a loved one feels frightened or afraid or angry even, in some cases, before that person has become consciously aware of his or her feelings. You can improve all of your relationships with the ability to sense subtle energies; for example, you may be able to discern whether  a romantic interest is just as interested in you, or you might get a heads up on what the interviewer really thought during your job interview.

Some people are born with a strong ability to sense subtle energies, but the skill can also be learned. There are also exercises you can do to increase your ability to sense the energy that is around you.

Meditation is one way to enhance your energetic spidey senses. By learning to calm your thoughts and quiet your mind, you become more aware of what you’re feeling and sensing, without the distraction of chatter running through your mind. (Meditation music can make the process much easier.)

Another way to enhance your ability to sense the energies around you is to note how you feel when you spend time with different living things. Note that I said different living things and not simply people. Not only do people have different energies around them, but so do pets, insects and even plants. Note how you feel when you spend time with your pet and how that compares with how you feel when you spend time with a friend. Don’t forget to sit with different houseplants. You’ll likely find that each plant sends off a different energy.

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Hold your hands close together without having them touch. Start to move your hands apart, then move them together, again, without having them touch. Notice the feeling of warmth that is emitted between your hands. That is your own energy. Then do the same thing with other things. Place your hands close to those things and feel the energy between your hands and the objects. Note the difference between different living things, such as houseplants. Also note if some things emit more energy than others.

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