Titanic Premonitions of Doom

One thing I’ve noticed is that a lot of stories of intuition seem to revolve around tragedies. I’m not sure if that’s because people’s intuition sometimes gets stronger in an attempt to warn them of impending danger or if people are just more likely to notice gut feelings of doom.

There were many fascinating stories of intuition surrounding the Titanic. A number of survivors and victims of the boat’s sinking confided to others prior to the trip that they had a bad feeling about it.

Among them: The Washington Herald in 1912 wrote an article describing how novelist Jacques Futrelle, who died on the Titanic, had a strong enough premonition two weeks before the tragedy to set up powers of attorney for his and his wife’s affairs.

Annie Ward, a maid who survived, told her mother she didn’t want to get on the ship because she was afraid something was going to happen, according to the Evening Bulletin.

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Major Archibald Butt reportedly received a warning that he’d die on his trip abroad so he made a will before he left and settled his affairs.

The New York Times reported that George Quincy Clifford, who died in the wreck, took out $50,000 worth of extra life insurance prior to traveling.

You can read more stories of the Titanic premonitions here. Clearly something to think about.

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