TNT drama Proof tackles past lives, reincarnation

For those who are interested in past lives and reincarnation, a new series by TNT is tackling the question of what happens after death. The drama centers around a skeptical surgeon’s quest to find proof that life after death exists.

Jennifer Beals stars as Dr. Carolyn Tyler, a surgeon who is hired by multi-billionaire Ivan Turing (played by Matthew Modine) to investigate life-after-death claims. Turing is terminally ill and wants to know what will happen when he dies, and he has the money to try to find out. He wants Tyler to find that answer for him.

Tyler is skeptical and not moved by money. However, she is passionate about efforts to provide medical care after national disasters and calamities so she agrees to do it if the money goes to her cause. There is also a personal motivation for Tyler. A year earlier she lost her son in an accident, and though she doesn’t currently believe in life after death, like every person who has experienced the death of a loved one, she would love to find proof that it does exist.

Therein lies the central plot of the series. Couple that with some other subplots, such as the estranged relationship that Tyler has with her daughter as well as the fact that she is separating from her husband.

The show examines from a skeptic’s standpoint whether psychic mediums are real. Science doesn’t seem to have much use for psychic ability, but the series raises questions about whether something can be real even if there is no scientific proof.

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In the first episode, a little girl nearly dies and when she comes back to life, she draws pictures of people she has met while on the other side. Her pictures resemble long-deceased family members the little girl has never met and in some cases never even heard about. The little girl also knows names, initials and nicknames that match up with the real individuals.

Spoiler alert

Interestingly, the little girl has a second near-death experience and when she comes back the second time, she tells Tyler that “they” told her not to talk about her near death experience with Tyler anymore.

The series is on TNT and can be watched on demand or online via sites such as

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