Totem animals: How to find your spirit animal guide

Ever have a squirrel run across your path? Or perhaps a deer found its way to a bush in your back yard. Don’t just think of this as a mere coincidence. These animals could have a psychic message for you.

Power animals are a shamanic concept . According to the shamanic view, power animals represent an individual’s connection to life, or qualities of that person’s  character and their power.

Most individuals have power animals or tutelary spirits. These governing spirits empower and protect them – similar to that of guardian spirits or guardian angel. Similarly, the power animals may lend to those under their protection certain wisdom or attributes.

How do you know what your spirit animal is

Once you understand the concept of power animals, you may be wondering how to find out what your power animal is.

But it’s important to note:  the spirit animals cannot be chosen, they choose you.

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It has been noted that spirit animals find you when you are in an unconventional state of mind, be it meditation, dreams or deep sleep.

—Ensure you are tracking which animals engage in strange or noticeable behaviors when you are within these states or which animals have a frequent occurrence.

—Another way to know what your power animal is is to allow yourself to be one with nature. When you are venturing on journeys or throughout various paths, keep track of the animals you continually come into contact with.

— Lastly, ensure you have faith; trust your instincts. Your animal spirit will make itself known if you are indeed searching for it.

Shamanic power animals and what they mean

To further understand the idealism behind power animals, take the cat, for example. The main characteristic of the cat is independence. However, here is where you need to search deeper to truly reveal the guidance behind your animal spirit. It is without question that cats are fiercely independent; you can never truly own a cat, you are able to take care of it and nurture it; however, only on its own terms. The cat has the ability to fight when cornered, a sense of cleverness, unpredictability and has many lives. Subsequently, if the cat is your power animal, you are likely an independent and free thinker. Similar to the cat, you most likely feel energized throughout the night.

Finally, do not forget that today is a modern-age. You are now able to do technological research based upon your inquiries into animal spirits. Similarly, there are many online tests, quizzes and information that will assist you in determining your animal spirit and how to become one with the said spirit. However, always know that your animal spirits are very present within nature and unconventional states of mind if you allow yourself to search.

A psychic can also provide some insight into your power animal.  If you suspect that an animal is trying to tell you something, a psychic can confirm that information. If you have no idea whether you have a power animal, a psychic can provide welcome insights into that question, as well. If you don’t know of a psychic in your town that you can trust, try an online reading, such as one by the service AskNow, where you can get one free question answered by calling 1-877-649-2391. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.