Is a Twin Flame Runner Aware of the Connection?

Twin flame runners are one of the most frustrating aspects of the twin flame relationship. If you’ve been blessed to experience a relationship with a twin flame, you may know the pain of having a runner inexplicably end the relationship. But are they aware of what they are doing?twin flame runnertwin flame runnerOr perhaps you are the twin flame runner who has decided to go in a different direction. If you are reading this article, there is likely a reason you are drawn to information about twin flame runners. Do you understand the type of relationship you are running from?

What is a twin flame relationship?

There are soulmates, and there are twin flames. While you have many soulmates that come into and out of your life, you have only one twin flame. But here’s the thing. Your twin flame is literally a mirror to your soul. While that means you typically relate to your twin flame in a way that you’ve never related to anyone else, you twin flame also shows you where you need to grow.

Now if you know anything about personal growth, you know this. Growth often hurts. There’s a reason there is a term called ‘growing pains.’ When we meet our twin flames, it’s typically not all flowers and unicorns. On the contrary, twin flame relationships are often among the most painful relationships we’ve ever experienced.

And at some point, one of the parties typically becomes a twin flame runner.

What is a twin flame runner?

A twin flame runner is literally what it sounds like. It’s one of the partners in the twin flame relationship who runs from the relationship. Perhaps they can’t take the intensity of the relationship so they seek out something different. Whatever the reason, they run away from the relationship, and that often causes the other party in the relationship to become a twin flame chaser.

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But does the twin flame runner realize what he or she is running from? If you are aware that you are in a twin flame relationship, you can feel devastated that the other person doesn’t seem to realize how powerful the relationship is. You may wonder if they can possibly know what they are running from.

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Some twin flame runners may not be aware of what type of relationship they have while others may have a clue and run anyway. Here are some common reasons that twin flame runners move away from the relationship.

The twin flame runner is not in touch with his or her spiritual side.

The twin flame relationship is a spiritual connection. If someone is more in tune with the material things in life, he or she may toss aside a twin flame relationship if it doesn’t measure up to their material desires. Take someone who is born in a wealthy family and meets a twin flame from the wrong side of the tracks. If the person is ruled by their material leanings, they may not even recognize that they’ve encountered a twin flame.

The twin flame runner has shut off his or her emotions.

Another characteristic of twin flame relationships is that they are often very emotional. Twin flames are mirrors to one another, and so a twin flame could mirror your strengths as well as your weaknesses. That could spur a lot of personal growth and emotion. If someone is closed off to their emotions or they don’t like dealing with the emotional realm, they may decide to run away from the relationship that is stirring up so many emotions. It may feel safer for them to leave the relationship.

The twin flame runner is not as spiritually mature.

We all attract people and experiences into our lives that are on our vibration. However, if we begin to vibrate at a different level from others, those people will drop out of our lives. Sometimes twin flames evolve at different paces. If one twin flame evolves beyond the other one, there may be a separation until the other twin flame can catch up.

While the twin flame runner may not realize that he or she is running from a twin flame relationship, chances are the twin flame runner realizes that the relationship is an important and powerful one. While that might not be enough to make up for the pain that the twin flame runner has caused, it should at least comfort the other twin flame to know that they aren’t the only one that recognizes the importance.

At some point in life, we all reunite with twin flames and we understand the painful lessons of our lives. While you may go through some pain during the twin flame running phase, the relationship will make sense to you at some point in your soul’s evolution.

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