Two times not to trust your psychic ability

If you’ve been taking the time to strengthen your psychic ability, it’s to your benefit to use those skills on yourself. After all, our intuition is there to give us an edge. But are there times when we would be better served by getting a third-party psychic view of our situation? You bet there are.

Some of the most successful people in the world say that they do well in life because they’ve learned to recognize — and trust — their intuition. We’ve all heard stories of people who made an important decision based on their gut and it turned out to make a major difference in the course of their lives.

However, as unintuitive as it may sound, there are two times when you should not trust your own psychic ability and seek the help of a psychic instead.

Where you’re dealing with an area in which you struggle. We all have blocks in certain areas of our lives. You may be terrible with money and make horrible financial decisions. Or you may struggle with romantic relationships and freeze whenever you have to make a decision in that area. It’s important to acknowledge your areas of struggle not only so you can work to improve them, but to know when you might need some outside help. Just like you’d go to a lawyer if you need legal help or a plumber if you have trouble with your pipes, consider seeking help in the areas that you’re simply not good at.

When you struggle with something, you likely don’t have clarity in that area.  In fact your vision can be downright  cloudy. So when it comes to getting intuitive guidance about your areas of constant struggle, consider going to a psychic who can give you a clearer view.

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When there’s something you want very bad. We all have desires, but there are some things that we desperately want to happen. When it comes to those things, it’s not a good idea to depend upon your own intuition to see you through.  Intuition is a feeling of clarity or ‘knowing’ about something. It’s also very objective. An intuitive hunch has nothing to do with what you want to happen. Rather, it focuses on what will happen. When you want something to happen, you may misinterpret your intuitive signs to coincide with the outcome that you want.

On the flip side, if you’re very frustrated because you haven’t achieved something you really want, you may also misinterpret your intuitive signs as showing you that something is not possible even if it is. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.