#UniteTheRight: How Positive Energy (and Black Tourmaline) Drove Out White Nationalists

Sunday I went to Washington, DC to stand with those who were protesting the presence of White nationalists marching for the #UnitetheRight rally. By the time I got there, armed with my black tourmaline, a crystal that offers protection from lower energies, the nationalists had already disbursed (Was that black tourmaline working, or what?).

Unitetheright positive energy
Black tourmaline is known for helping to transmute heavier, denser energy into lighter energy. It can be used for protection to keep lesser energies away.

Only a couple dozen nationalists had shown up to the rally, and they were met with thousands of people standing up for love over hate. The energy in DC was palpable. In fact the nationalists ended the party early and went home.

The mood was exuberant. The nationalists were gone, and we all felt like we’d done something to make the world a little better. At least for that one day.

It appears that the UnitetheRight rally mainly succeeded in uniting everyone else.

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The energy of the rally was amazing. Can’t help but think the energy is what kept more nationalists away.

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