Ways Clairaudients Can Tell Different Voices Apart

Can a clairaudient tell voices apart? With some practice, the answer is yes.

If you have the psychic gift of clairaudience, one of the first things you’ll notice as you build your clairaudient muscles is that not all psychic voices sound the same. In fact, you may find that you can recognize certain beings that you are in communication with by the sound of their psychic voice or by the way you feel when they communicate with you. 

clairaudient tell voices apart

Psychic communcation is often about building relationships, just as you build relationships with friends and other loved ones. In this case, you are simply building relationships with those who are not on the physical plane.

Just like you can tell one friend from another just by hearing their voice on the other end of the phone, you can develop your psychic skills so that you can immediately recognize what spiritual being is reaching out to you.  For example, a Spirit Guide may sound one way to you while an ancestor may sound completely different. Read on to discover some of the many ways that a clairaudient can tell voices apart.

Different beings may sound different

One of the easiest ways to tell two different beings apart is to note that they literally sound different. For example, one may have a higher pitch tone than another. It’s important to note that you may not hear clairaudiently through your physical ears, though some people do. Others hear the voices in their heads. One being might have a soft voice or speak in whispers. Another may speak rapidly. Some voices may even have different accents. The more you pay attention to the messages you get, the more likely you will get to know the different nuances of each communication.

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They may feel different 

Another way to tell different voices apart is to notice how you respond to them. Note how your physical body reacts to the communication. Do you feel relaxed? Do you feel excited? Do you feel tense? Your reaction to a voice is also psychic information that you should pay attention to. If you feel tense, you may be dealing with a negative entity and in that case you should cut off the communication. This blog post provides more signs that you are dealing with a negative entity, as well as tips on shutting the connection down.

You may find that you feel differently when communicating with different entities, and that can help you discern who is who.

They may have different styles

Just as people on the earth plane have different styles, those on the spiritual plane have different styles. For example, one may be long-winded while another keeps communication short and sweet. Yet another spiritual being may joke around a lot while another is serious. If you communicate with different Spirit Guides, you may notice that they, in particular, have different personalities. Getting to know them and their differences can be a fun way to strengthen your bond with your Spirit Guides. Here are some other ways to notice the differences between your Spirit Guides.

Some may only show up in certain types of situations  

Another way to discern between clairaudient voices is to pay attention to when they show up. Some may only show up in certain types of situations. For example, a Spirit Guide who is helping you achieve a career-related goal may only show up when you are working. Likewise, a Spirit Guide who is charged to protect you may only show up when you are in danger. Again, as you pay attention to when different voices make themselves known, you may begin to notice patterns related to when they appear. 

Why it’s important to know who you are dealing with

Whenever you are using your psychic abilities to communicate with spiritual entities, it is a good idea to know who you are communicating with. 

For one thing you want to make sure you are not dealing with a negative entity. Again, if you are, shut the relationship down.

Now that you know that a clairaudient can tell voices apart, knowing who you are dealing with can be helpful to building a relationship. Whether Spirit Guides are reaching out to work with you or an ancestor is trying to send you a message, you can benefit from having a strong relationship with that soul or entity. With a strong relationship, you will become more clear about their messages to you and your clairaudient abilities will grow.

What to do if you can’t tell them apart

If you can’t tell different voices apart, don’t panic. You can — and should — ask an entity that is communicating with you who they are. If the voice is in your head, ask silently in your head and listen to the answer you get.

You may also get more insight into who you are talking to through meditation. Visualize yourself inviting the entity to a place that brings you peace and joy such as a park with plenty of trees or a lake. Then visualize yourself talking to the entity. Ask them who they are and any other questions you have. Trust the answers you get. When you feel that the conversation is over, thank the entity for talking to you and visualize yourself leaving the place you traveled to in the meditation. Then, allow yourself to come out of the meditation. You may want to journal about the interaction before you forget some of the details. 

One thing I do want to add: If you feel uncomfortable about voices you are hearing and you can’t turn them off, or if they are telling you to harm yourself or anyone else, you may not be experiencing psychic communication and you should explain your symptoms to a doctor.  Hearing voices can sometimes have a psychological cause.

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