Ways to Develop Your Claircognizance Skills

develop your claircognizance

It’s one thing to be born with the psychic gift of claircognizance. It’s another to develop your claircognizance skills so that you can make them work for you. Not only can psychic abilities warn you of dangers, keeping you from some pretty scary situations, but they can help you make better choices in your relationships, career and overall life.

If you think you are claircognizant, congratulations. Be grateful for the gift. However, your claircognizance skills can always be stregthened if you are willing to be proactive and take a number of steps. 

What is claircognizance?

The psychic gift of claircognizance specifically refers to knowing about an intention, event, occurrence or any other type of information without having clear evidence. Unlike clairvoyance, in which you see something in your mind’s eye, or clairaudience, in which you hear information, with clairvoyance, an answer to a question may literally pop into your head. However, with claircognizance, you will have no idea how you know this information — you just know it.

If you’ve ever been talking to someone and you just knew they were lying (without using forensic guessing techniques, that’s an example of claircognizance. Another example is if you hear your best friend talk about her new love and you just instantly know she is going to wind up marrying this person (and she does). 

Claircognizance is just one of the ways that we access psychic information. The other ways include:

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Exercises to develop claircognizance

If you think you are claircognizant, here are some claircognizance exercises that you can try in order to test your skills out and even strengthen them.

A good way for claircognizants to get in touch with their gift is to take some time to do some automatic writing. Automatic writing is a process in which you write without being conscious about what you’re putting on paper or typing onto the screen. You literally become a channel and the information comes through you as you write. In times that I have practiced automatic writing, I have literally read what I wrote after the fact and could not remember having written it. The reason I did not remember writing it is because I — my conscious self — did not write it. In a way, the information was dumped from a spirtual source through the words that I was writing. 

Practice automatic writing

If you believe you have the gift of claircognizance, see if the gift of automatic writing comes easily to you. Set aside some time in which you won’t be disturbed, and pull out a piece of paper and a pen. You can also use a computer if you prefer, but I prefer using a pen and paper for the following reason. 

I have found that it is easier for me to practice automatic writing when I use my non-dominant hand. I am naturally right-handed; however, when I start writing with my left hand I find that I’m more likely to experience a download of psychic data than when I use my right hand.

Start writing without thinking about what you are doing. Just allow your hands to write or type onto the page for a period of time. If, when you are done, you are surprised by what is on the paper or the screen, chances are you have engaged in some automatic writing. The more you do this, the more you develop your claircognizance skills.

Ask a question and wait 

You don’t have to passively wait for psychic information to come to you. You can engage with the Universe by asking for a psychic answer to a question and then waiting and allowing the answer to come to you.

If you are claircognizant, chances are, the answer will come to you in the form of a knowing. While you may not know the answer immediately, you will likely get your answer in a matter of time if you stay present and pay attention to your instincts. And the same time, you will be taking another step to develop your claircognizance skills.

If you get the answer through another psychic channel, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, you will know that that particular channel may be your strongest psychic skill.

Write down your gut feelings

When people talk about their gut feelings, they are often describing their experience with claircognizance. They describe just knowing something in their gut. There is no logical reason that they know it; they just do.  

If you frequently have gut feelings, start writing them down when you have them. Seriously, put them in writing. That way, you’ll have a record of them and you can see how trustworthy your gut instincts are when you are proven right. 

One of the biggest barriers to successfully tapping into intuition is learning to trust what you get. Even if we feel strongly that we are right, it is human nature to want to see proof using our five senses that our intuition is on point. But what’s the point in having intuition if we wait until our five senses back it up? The beauty of intuition is that it lets us know information before that same data is readily available to our five senses. By tracking your gut instincts and seeing how often you are right, you will increase your confidence in what you know the next time you get a gut instinct. 

If you find that you are wrong more often than you are right, you may not be claircognizant at all, and that is good to know too.

Record your dreams

When you are claircognizant, psychic information often comes to you like a download. While this can happen as you are going about your day, it can also happen when you are sleeping. People who have the gift of claircognizance often describe getting information through their dreams. When you are dreaming, your conscious mind is relaxed, and for some, it is easier for psychic information to come through. 

However, dreams can be easily forgotten, particularly when you don’t take the time to write them down. By recording your dreams regularly, you will see whether the information you are downloading in your sleep is, in fact, psychic knowledge that you are getting through claircognizance. 

There are a number of ways that you can record your dreams. You can use an old-fashioned dream journal or even a simple notebook. If writing is not your style, you can also record the impressions from your dream on your smartphone. 

Bottom line

The gift of claircognizance can enhance your life by giving you information that can be used to make decisions in your personal and professional life. By taking the time to develop your claircognizance skills, you are putting yourself in the best position to build a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose. 

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