Week in Astrology: Mars in Capricorn, Mercury Retro

week in astrology

When it comes to astrology, some weeks are more consequential than others. This week in astrology marks a couple of doozies that can impact your desire to get things done and your ability to actually turn that desire into reality. And both happen to occur on the same exact day.

On February 16, 2020 at 6:33 am EST, Mars leaves the sign of Sagittarius and enters the sign of Capricorn, which is arguably the most ambitious sign of the Zodiac.

Mars is the planet of drive and aggression; it’s the planet that influences your ability to get things done. When you are under the influence of Mars, you want to thrust your energy forward, consequences be damned. Forget about patience; Mars is concerned with progress and moving ahead at all costs.

Whenever a planet moves into a new sign, it takes on some of the characteristics of that sign. In this case, Capricorn is about achieving goals. Capricorn is also willing to work hard to make things happen.

So what does it mean on a practical level when Mars moves into hard-working Capricorn’s domain? It means you may feel like now is the time to work even harder to accomplish certain goals so maybe you can get them done sooner or see the fruits of your efforts.

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For the next six weeks (Mars doesn’t leave Capricorn until March 30) you may even find yourself over-doing it. If you have workaholic tendencies, they are likely to crop up now. Even if you don’t have workaholic tendencies, you may surprise yourself with a stepped-up work ethic.

Here we go again with Mercury Retrograde

But for the first three weeks of this Mars’ visit to Capricorn, your efforts may find themselves hitting a brick wall. Why? Because the other major event this week in astrology that happens February 16, 2020 is that Mercury goes into Retrograde at 7:54 pm EST and doesn’t go direct again until March 9.

Chances are you’re familiar with the dreaded Mercury Retrograde (who isn’t?). But in the off-chance that you’re not, it’s a period of time when the planet Mercury, which controls all things communication, appears to move backwards in its orbit.

During the Mercury Retrograde period, all kinds of problems can occur such as miscommunications, delays and technological malfunctions. Read more about what to expect from Mercury Retrograde here. Instead of making headway on your goals, you may be likelier than normal to experience setbacks that keep you from getting as much accomplished as you would like.

Since the planet Mercury rules communication and thinking, your thoughts may be a little cloudy at this time so it’s probably not the best period to make big decisions. Making it even more complicated is the fact that logical Mercury is currently in the sign of Pisces, a sign that’s known more for creativity, imagination, emotion and dreaminess. When Mercury is in Pisces thoughts can be cloudy even when Mercury is not in retrograde.

While Mercury Retrograde tends to get a bad rap, I enjoy aspects of it such as the need to slow things down around it. It’s a good time for introspection and to take a couple of steps back to see if you’re truly on the right paths in different areas of your life. Here are some other ways Mercury Retrograde can help your life.

If it seems like Mercury Retrograde and Mars in Capricorn are at odds with each other, in some ways they are. While this week in astrology, you may feel the drive to move forward quickly and impulsively to complete your goals because of Mars being in Capricorn, that’s probably a bad idea during Mercury Retrograde. Why? Because moving fast can be risky at a time when communication tends to be sketchy. When Mercury is in retrograde, you’re being called to slow your life down, not speed it up.

However, the good news is that Mars will be in Capricorn a good three weeks after Mercury Retrograde ends March 9. Those three weeks should be a prime time for getting things done. Do yourself a favor and take the three weeks of Mercury Retrograde to ponder what you want to accomplish in the latter three weeks. Then you can make the most of all that Mars in Capricorn has to offer.

Pisces seasons begins

Finally, this week marks the end of Aquarius season and the beginning of Pisces season. The sun leaves the air sign Aquarius, with its focus on intellect and innovation, to enter watery Pisces, marked by emotion, intuition and spirituality, on March 18, 2020.

Don’t be surprised if your focus during this season shifts to your feelings and those parts of your life that mean the most to you including your relationships. While during Aquarius season you may have felt the urge to do your own thing, the shift to Pisces may have you wanting to stay close to someone you love.

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