What a Psychic Connection to a Place is Trying to Tell You

psychic connection to a place

Have you ever felt a psychic connection to a place?

Perhaps there was a house that caught your eye whenever you drove by it. Or maybe there was a city or town you’ve always wanted to visit. The first time I visited New Orleans, I had the distinct impression that I had been there before even though in this lifetime it was my first experience in the haunted city.

While you may never remember why a place made such a strong impression on you, every so often you hear a story about someone who discovers that their connection to a location goes beyond a mere strong feeling.  

A tie to a family’s past

Fredrick Miller, a man from Virginia had such an experience. He told the Washington Post that when he grew up, he always rode past a grand house on his way to school. A couple of years ago, he learned from his sister that the house was for sale and felt the urge to buy it despite the fact that he lived across the country in California. He didn’t intend to relocate back to Virginia, but he wanted a second home that would connect him with his roots growing up in Virginia. Somehow, he knew instinctively that this was the house. 

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What he didn’t realize — consciously, at least — is that the house literally connected him with his roots. 

Miller learned, after buying the house, that the property had been a 2,000-acre plantation during Slavery. Not only that, but the plantation owners had the last name of Miller — the same last name as Fredrick, himself. 

That was not a coincidence. It turns out that the house that Miller was drawn to was the former plantation that his ancestors had been enslaved on. He was now the owner of a house that his ancestors had likely suffered in. No-one had told him of his connection to the house; one has to assume that he felt the connection and acted on it.

Past life or premonition?

But what exactly was going on here? I figure a number of metaphysical occurrences may have taken place to lead to this psychic connection to a place. 

Perhaps his ancestors had somehow sent him a message that he was connected to the house and they wanted vindication. Imagine what it must feel like to have a descendent own the house where you had once been property. 

Perhaps he felt the energy of the house and being that his ancestors lived on the land, the energy was familiar.

Perhaps he had lived the life of one of his ancestors in a past life and he was drawn to a place that he had called home some lifetimes ago.

Whatever scenario took place, one thing that can be surmised is that Miller was intuitively led to the house and he listened to his intuition. While it may not have made logical sense that he would jump on such a purchase from California where he was living, he moved forward on the instinct anyway and opened up a whole new discovery that connected him with his past. 

If you ever feel an energetic connection to a place, it’s a good idea to burn some sage to get rid of any presence that is not wanted. An energy spray could also protect you from energetic remnants of a place where strong emotions may have been expressed.

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