What is a Clairsentient? (If you’re an empath you know)

what is a clairsentientYou walk into a room. Though the people in the room smile at you politely, you feel the tension in the room and know you’ve interrupted an argument. You meet a new colleague for the first time and immediately sense that they can’t be trusted. You enter a building and feel a heaviness and sadness overcome you unexplainably. If you can relate to any of those experiences — or experiences like it — you could be a clairsentient.

Clairsentience definition

Clairsentience is a psychic ability and one of the psychic ‘clairs.’ Truth be told, it’s one of my favorite psychic abilities and probably one of the ones that comes most naturally to me. I also think it’s the one that most people have some experiece with. If you’ve ever had a gut feeling or felt that something wasn’t right, you’ve experienced clairsentience on some level.

The key phrase when it comes to clairsentience is ‘clear feeling.’ In other words, you feel information psychically. You may have heightened emotions in certain situations or sense the emotions of others. Empaths are clairsentient as they can feel what’s going on with those who are around them. Those who have clairsentience may also experience psychic ability through physical sensations.

How clairsentience compares to the other psychic clairs

As stated earlier, clairsentience is just one of many psychic abilities. The other psychic ‘clairs’ are as follows:

Clairvoyance, which means ‘clear seeing,’ refers to people who see things that have yet to come about or see things that others cannot readily see. Clairvoyance is all about vision, but different clairvoyants see different things. Some see people and spirits. Others see symbols. Still others see colors and flashes of light. For some, the visions they get are in their head as if they were imagining them.

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Clairaudience, or clear hearing, is the ability to access psychic information through sound. Those who are clairaudient literally can hear messages from other realms. Perhaps one’s spirit guides speak to them or they may hear messages from spirits who have crossed over to the other side.

Claircognizance, or clear knowing, is the ability to access psychic information instantaneously. You simply know things. It’s almost like information just pops in your head and you know something is true even though there is no logical evidence proving the fact. When you are claircognizant, you don’t really experience information coming to you. Rather, the information is just there, in your head.

Clairgustance, or clear smelling, is when you access psychic ability through the sense of smell. Some people report smelling certain perfumes or familiar scents when loved ones who have passed away are near. I have a friend who smells cigarette smoke and knows that her mother’s spirit is around her.

What is a clairsentient? Clairsentience signs and symptoms

So how can you tell if you are a clairsentient? Here are some signs and symptoms:

You often describe things using the words ‘I feel.’
You feel light or heavy in certain situations.
You feel shifts in the energy around you.
You sense the moods or emotions of others.
You feel overwhelmed in large crowds where there is alot of energy.
You feel physical sensations when you’re around certain people or entering certain situations.
You feel dread or procrastinate when you are uneasy about something.
You feel drained around certain people or when you’re with large crowds.
Your instincts about people are spot on.
You can sense what a person needs or wants even if they don’t say what they need or want.

Why clairsentience may seem like a curse

Empaths are clairsentients. An empath is someone who experiences the feelings and emotions of others. An inexperienced empath may mistake those emotions for their own — and that might not feel good at all. An empath may be feeling great when a wave of anger or sadness overcomes her. While she may not understand why those feelings occured, in reality it may simply be that she crossed paths with someone who was in the depths of those emotions.

Many empaths or clairsenients also experience psychic attacks. Empaths are more open and sensitive than many others, and they are in tune to the feelings of others. By their very nature, empath auras are open to others. Also, it feels good to others to be around an empath because empaths take on some of their energetic junk. It might literally feel good to someone to send their own dark and negative thoughts an empath’s way without them really being conscious of why.

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Another reason why clairsentients may be wary of their gift is because they may feel things physically. A physical empath is someone who feels physically what another person is feeling. That means you might feel aches and pains, or even symptoms of illnesses if you are around someone that is experiencing those physical sensations. (Disclosure: I’m not a doctor and this site in no way purports to give medical advice. If you have unexplained aches and pains, first see your doctor.) However, if you have ever been accused of being a hypochondriac, you may be a physical empath or clairsentient.

Psychic protection for clairsentients

Because clairsentients often feel things so strongly, they can benefit tremendously from some psychic protection techniques.

Use meditation to keep your vibration up

Meditation helps you to eliminate mental chatter and gain clarity. It can also help empaths to recognize when they’re picking up on emotions that aren’t their own. Raising your vibration can also make it more difficult for the negative thoughts and emotions of others to pierce your psychic shield.

Use visualization to create psychic barriers

Visualization is so powerful when it comes to psychic ability. Visualize an energetic barrier of white light that surrounds you. Set the intention that any negative thoughts or energy forms bounce off this white light and return to sender. Each morning before you start your day, repeat the same exercise.

Clairsentients and empaths can also feel overwhelmed at times. Here are 4 things you can do when someone’s energy is overwhelming you.

Use the power of crystals for defense

Empaths may experience relief by carrying a crystal that’s known to remove negative energy from their environment because they are so susceptible to it. One of my favorite crystals is Black Tourmaline. A Black Tourmaline bracelet may work wonders.

Is clairsentience hereditary?

One of the most common questions I get is whether psychic ability is hereditary. While there really aren’t any definitive studies that I know of, I think it’s likely possible. Anecdotally I’ve heard many stories of people who say they are psychic and they also have a parent or grandparent who had ‘the gift.’

One reason why it may seem to run in families is because families where it’s common are typically more open to the idea of psychic ability so children grow up thinking it’s normal. Many children are actually psychic but they learn that psychic ability doesn’t make sense or it’s frowned upon. So they shut their abilities down. If you grow up in a house seeing the adults use psychic ability, you are more likely to embrace your own skills and strengthen your own abilities.

I also believe that we are all psychic in some way though some of us have stronger natural abilities than others. Think about an athlete who is great at his sport, such as Michael Jordan. Anyone can learn to play basketball, but it’s fair to say that Michael Jordan had natural ability going for him, as well as skill. If your clairsentience skills aren’t strong, you may find that you’re more comfortable working with a different type of psychic ability. But if you want to strengthen your clairsentience skills, here are a few actions you can take.

Ways to strengthen your clairsentience abilities

When it comes to psychic ability, practice makes perfect. The more we practice, the better we get. Here are some ways to enhance your natural clairsentience skills.


No matter what psychic ability you’re trying to develop, one of the best things you can do is meditate. The more frequently you meditate, the more psychic you’ll likely become. Seriously. Not only does meditatation help to loosen the grip of the logical mind, but it helps you to become more aware. Often we’re picking up messages and insights from our psychic senses but we don’t realize it because we’re so focused on the chatter in our heads. Meditating helps you to relax, increase your awareness and be more in tune with your natural abilities. If you have a hard time meditating or don’t have a lot of time to do it, try doing it in little time increments, such as seven to 10 minutes. Trust me when I say learning to meditate is the best thing you can do to enhance your psychic abilities.

Strengthen the second chakra.

Chakras are energy centers that surround our bodies. Every chakra controls different aspects of our life. When they’re blocked, overactive or underactive, things don’t work out optimally in the corresponding aspect of our lives. The second chakra, which is located below the navel controls our clairsentience abilities. Working with your second chakra may help you to more easily recognize your gut instincts and note how people and situations make you feel.

Track and trust your hunches and gut instincts.

The best way to increase your psychic ability is to work it and trust it. That means you have to keep track of the feelings and hunches that you get. Write down what you’re feeling about different people, places and situations in our life. Pay attention to your hunches particularly when there is no logic to back them up. Over time, you’ll be able to see if your hunches turn out to be true. (I’d be willing to bet that most of them will turn out to be true.)

The other thing you want to keep track of is how clairsentience works for you. For example, do you feel a tingle down your spine when there’s danger? Do you notice the hair standing up on your body? Maybe you feel a knot in your stomach when someone is being untruthful to you. Write down what you notice, and you’ll likely begin to notice patterns and symbols that can help you to more effectively use your gift of clairsentience.

Yes, clairsentience is a gift

I truly believe that all psychic abilities are gifts. If you are a clairsentient, you can use that gift in a number of ways:

  • You can sense what people need and help them. If you are in a customer service or sales position, that can help your career tremendously.
  • You can empathize with loved ones. You may be the person that people share their deep, dark secrets with because they sense that you understand.
  • You can sense lies and untruths. If you’re an empath, you likely know that a lie simply feels differently from the truth. When someone is lying, you can feel it. Having that knowledge can help you to make more informed decisions in your life.
  • You can read a room or situation. As an empath or clairsentient, you likely can feel the energy of a room so you know the best thing to say or do. You can tell if now is the time to bring up a touchy topic or if you should wait for a better time. This ability can also help you discern whether it’s a good time to broach the idea of a raise!

In other words, for those wondering what is a clairsentient, the bottom line is clairsentience can provide you with knowledge that you can apply to your life. You can make better decisions and better relate to the people who are in your life. But you have to take advantage of this gift if you want it to work for you.

What’s the point of psychic ability if you don’t use it and make the most of it? Like any skill that you have, if you don’t use it it will just get rusty and eventually you won’t be able to use it as effectively. By committing to strengthening your clairsentience abilities, you’ll be taking a step to improving your life and staying on the path that’s in alignment with your soul.

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