What is past-life regression?

Have you ever had a fear or strong emotion about something and there was no logical reason why you felt so strongly? Have you ever had an immediate connection — whether positive or negative — to someone you just met? Have you ever been plagued by a particular issue or challenge that you just can’t seem to move past in your life?  If so, a past-life regression can provide you with answers that can shed light on some of your challenges and relationships today.

Energy never dies; when people go through a physical death, the Spirit transitions to a new way being, but it continues to move forward and it continues to learn new lessons and advance to new levels. Reincarnation is the belief that our Spirits live multiple lives. After we die, we come back into human or animal form to learn new lessons and to continue to evolve. Yet, we don’t come back with an entirely new slate. We bring back many of the lessons and sometimes the memories of previous lifetimes.

Past life memories

Often these memories can give our lives a welcome boost. For example, we may immediately trust someone, based on subconscious memories of a good relationship with this person in a previous lifetime. By following our gut instincts, we may them embark upon a new relationship that is equally fulfilling and valuable in our lives. But many times, memories of past-life experiences can bring about anxiety and fear. It’s not unusual for past-life-rooted fears to have something to do with a physical death in an earlier life. For example, a fear of airplanes could stem from a previous death in a plane crash. Likewise, a fear of fire could indicate a previous death in which one was burned at the stake.

Past life experiences can also influence many of our choices today. For example, a past life in which you had a lot of children and couldn’t afford to feed them could lead to a present life decision to not have children. Likewise, a past life in which you were very poor could be the catalyst for your desires to become wealthy at any cost.

How past life regression can help

Past life regression is a way to help you learn about past lives, but more importantly to remember the lessons from them that can help you move forward in your life today. Learning about a past life can help you understand some of your fears so that you can get past them. For example, if you know that you can attribute your fear of plane crashes to a past life, you may be more comfortable getting on a plane because you know your strong emotions are tied to a past event rather than a premonition of a future event. Likewise, if you know that you were killed in a past life because you were a spiritual or political leader, you may understand your apprehension about taking on leadership roles in your current life.

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A past life regressionist would work with you to recall some of your past lives and to put them in perspective with your current life. Some past lives will be more relevant to your current lives than others, and the most relevant ones will be the ones that will likely be discussed.

One of the most pre-eminent voices on past lives is Brian Weiss, a psychotherapist who admits that he was skeptical when one of his patients started recalling past-life memories, and finding that these memories were at the root of current day anxiety. However, Dr. Weiss soon realized that there was more to life after death than he realized and devoted many of his teachings to what happens to us between lifetimes.

Two of his signature books are Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories and Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives, both of which describe in detail what he’s learned about reincarnation and the power of past-life regression.

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