What? No Burning Bush?

Since I’ve been writing this blog several people have felt compelled to tell me about their intuitive moments. (I enjoy hearing about them so keep them coming).

I’ve heard several stories of people thinking of someone the moment before that person called. I heard a story about someone knowing a relative would be stopping in unexpectedly from out of town. And I heard a story in which someone felt compelled to contact a former colleague and the conversation led to a job offer.

The interesting thing about all of these stories: they were so anticlimactic. There was no major defining moment, no overwhelming feeling of certainty, just a quick thought or a slight tug of interest. Nothing like the dramatic visions or terrifying dreams you see in movies like The Sixth Sense or television shows like Medium.

Maybe the people I know just aren’t that intuitive yet. But more likely, I think we often miss out on what our intuition is trying to tell us because we’re looking for something far grander. While some people may in fact have the heartstopping visions, I’ll settle for the butterflies in my stomach or the quick thought that seems to pop into my mind out of nowhere.

I like the following advice from Meredith Self, a professional intuitive who teaches others how to work with their intuition. She says: “Drop the need for intuition to be a burning bush or great visions. Seriously. Not necessary and distracting for most people… Expect simple.”

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Works for me.

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