What the cycles of the moon can tell you

All of life moves in cycles. The seasons show us that there is a time for planting, a time for action, a time for harvest and a time for resting. The cycles of the moon provide that same lesson on a more frequent scale.

cycles of the moonThe new moon is a time for planting new seeds that you’d like to grow. Is there a new desire that has been building up inside of you? The new moon is a good time to start making plans. If there is a venture or project that you want to create, the new moon is an excellent starting point. If you want to start a new habit or way of being, the new moon can be your ally. During the new moon, its appearance is that of darkness. When we start planting seeds and creating new experiences, we are not yet able to see the manifestation or the results. But the manifestation is there as sure as the new moon exists within the darkness. If you feel the desire to withdraw and focus on your inner world, that’s the new moon’s magic talking to you since all that we manifest in our lives must first manifest on the inside. 

The new moon is also a good time to do manifestation work. If you do candle magic, this is the time to light a candle to mark an intention. For example, if you want to attract a new relationship, lighting a pink candle during the new moon can catapult your desire into the Universe.

The waxing moon (between the new and full moon) is a time in which there is a steady buildup of energy. During this time, those seeds you planted are doing their thing. The Universe is working on your behalf during all cycles of the moon. During this period, you might get signs and synchronicities from the Universe letting you know that your wishes have been heard and your manifestations are on the way. Likewise, during this period, we see more and more of the moon. What was invisible is beginning to become visible. 

Your energy level will likely increase during the waxing moon. You may feel inspired to take actions. (Ideally, every action you take should come from inspiration.Try not to do things simply for the sake of doing them. When you take inspired action, you achieve more using the least energy, which is what we all should strive to do.) This is still a time of manifestation, so continue your manifestation rituals and continue to focus on what you want to add to your life.

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The full moon is when energy is at its peak. Have you ever heard stories about people acting strangely during the full moon? Anyone who has ever worked in a police station or a hospital emergency room will likely tell you that there is an uptick in crime and accidents during the full moon periods. With so much energy being available, if you don’t have a good way to channel your energy, you can find yourself engaging in actions that aren’t in your best interest.

Of all the cycles of the moon, full moons can give you the most clarity and insight. Your psychic abilities are often at their peak during the full moon. This is also often a time of manifestation – when seeds you have been working on begin to peek up through the soil. At this point, the moon is at its most visible point, reminding us that light always comes from the darkness.  However, full moons are also a powerful time for releasing things that you no longer want. As we grow and evolve we are constantly shedding old ways and shedding relationships, interests and situations that no longer serve us. When we are ready to let go of things (which we must to do make room for the new), the full moon can assist us.

This would be the time when you might light a black candle and set the intention to release something that no longer serves you. Whenever I want to try a new idea or a new way of life I light a candle to release the limiting beliefs that have held me back in the past.

The waning moon (the time between the full moon and the new moon) is the time in which energy begins to slow down again. This continues to be a time to release things that no longer serve us. We tend to start moving more slowly as we get closer to the new moon again, and the cycle repeats itself.

Begin to take notice of what happens during the various cycles of the moon. Track how your body feels and what life brings to you during those times. You may find that there is a rhythm to your life that you can use to better manage your energy and attract and release what you want.

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