What to do when you have a precognitive dream

One way that many people awaken to their psychic ability is by having precognitive dreams. A precognitive dream is one in which you dream about an event that has not yet happened. There are many stories of people who have precognitive dreams about major global tragedies such as plane crashes or terrorist attacks.  Others might have precognitive dreams that are of a more personal nature, such as dreaming about the birth of a child or the death of a loved one.

If a precognitive dream predicts something that you want to happen, it can be an exciting experience. If, on the other hand, a precognitive dream gives you foresight into an event that you don’t want to occur, it could cause you to shut down your psychic ability.

So why would you have a precognitive dream?

There are many different reasons.

Many people wonder whether they are supposed to do something with the information that they get, or if they can stop the event from occurring.¬†Sometimes you can do something. If you dream about a future event you may be able to change the course of events — but you may not. A good way to find out is by meditating on it and asking for more guidance. Ask your Spirit Guides for a sign that you should do something with the information to alter the course of events. Trust that you will receive a sign if you are to do something more.

Sometimes you receive information in a precognitive dream to give you time to prepare yourself for the event. If an event is particularly life-altering, such as a death, you might have a precognitive dream so you can wrap your mind around what’s happening or perhaps spend extra time with a loved one that you know is going to be transitioning soon to the other side.

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There are other times when you simply have precognitive dreams because your psychic ability is ‘turned on.’ When you pick up on information telepathically, it’s like tuning into a different radio signal where that information resides. You could inadvertently tune into something like a major global disaster just because you have the ability to.

If you pay attention to your dreams on a regular basis, you will start to notice patterns and it may become easier for you to discern why you might be having a particular dream at a given time.

If you’re bothered by a precognitive dream and not sure what you should do about, a quick chat with a psychic may help you sort out the details and figure out what you should do next.

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