What’s Luck Got to Do With It?

Living intuitively means letting go of control and being open to new experiences, opportunities and ways of doing things. A self-professed control freak, I’ll admit I’m having a little trouble with that aspect of it, but evidence mounts that I should stop focusing so hard on life’s destinations and pay more attention to the ride.

A psychologist did a study in which he compared the practices of those who considered themselves to be lucky with those who believed they were unlucky. What he noticed: Unlucky people were more tense and tended to focus on achieving specific results, which led them to miss unexpected opportunities. In other words, I’m so consumed with impressing my boss at a business lunch that I ignore the person sitting next to me who had actually mentioned a job opening that would have been more in line with my goals.

Lucky people were more relaxed and open to new and different experiences. As a result they were better able to see opportunities that were there, rather than miss out by seeing only what they were looking for.

Intuitive Action Item: Next time you go to a business meeting or social event with a goal in mind, make a conscious decision to notice something interesting about everyone you talk to. You’ll pay more attention to the moment and might be surprised by what luck comes your way.

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