When to ignore a psychic reading

A psychic reading is designed to give you insight into areas of your life that you may be energetically blocked about. For example, you’re confused about the next step you should take, or you’re unsure whether now is the best time to make a major change. Sometimes you might want a psychic reading to give you reassurance about something that you already know. In these cases, psychic readings can be helpful.

However, there are times when a psychic reading can be harmful. Particularly when you allow a psychic reading to convince you to go against what you know in your gut to be true.

The most accurate psychic for your life is you. Your intuition is way more powerful than the most famed and gifted psychic when it comes to what you should do in your own life. Sometimes psychics are wrong. Other times, they might not be interpreting the information they’re receiving about you correctly. Still others times, they may have judgments that get in the way of their readings.

Here are some signs that a psychic reading you’ve gotten may not be in your best interests and you should consider ignoring it:

  • The advice goes against your values or principles. For example, you’ve made a conscious decision to be celibate and the psychic tells you to loosen up and have a one-night stand.
  • The advice literally makes you feel sick. If you feel a thud in your gut or become physically uncomfortable with what the psychic is telling you, allow the information to pass right through and ignore it.
  • The psychic uses fear to get you to continue to see him or her. No psychic should be scaring you into having other types of services done. No reputable psychic, for example, would tell you to come back with $100 to get a curse lifted off of you. A psychic reading should be empowering. If fear is being used as a weapon, run, don’t walk.

One way to see if you connect with a psychic is to get a free or low-cost sample reading.  For example, Keen has a promotion where you can get 10 minutes for $1.99, which gives you enough time to get a feel for the psychic and what he or she is telling you.

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Psychic readings can provide insight and add clarity to your life. Make sure you know how to discern a good one from a bad one.

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