When you should use black crystals

Have you ever wondered why crystals and other gemstones are so popular in metaphysical circles? Crystals respond to the electricity in your body and can help to balance the energy that courses through it. As a result, crystals have healing properties and can be placed on different parts of your body to affect the energy surrounding your different chakras.

Different types of crystals may contribute to different areas of your life when you wear or hold them close to your body. For example, you may use one crystal for good health, another for good luck and yet another for protection.

The color of a crystal can also influence what you would use it for. One of the most misunderstood colors in general is black, and that holds true in the crystal world as well. Many people fear black crystals and believe them to be used for evil purposes. In reality, crystals are neutral tools and a person chooses to use it for good or for evil. And in general, black crystals can play a very positive role in your life.

There are a number of different types of black crystals, including onyx, hematite, black tourmaline and agate.

One of the biggest uses of black crystals is for protection. You might wear a black crystal if you are fearful for your personal safety or if there is someone who you believe might try to do you harm. If you are leaving your home at night and want an added boost of protection, carry your black crystal with you.

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If you have enemies, black crystals are believed to keep you hidden from them or to keep them from harming you. For example, if there is a colleague at work who you think is out to tarnish your reputation, you might start keeping a black crystal in your office desk.

Black crystals are believed to invoke a lot of power. You can even use them to protect you from your own self doubts and fears. So if you’re feeling stuck or as if you can’t achieve a certain goal, a black crystal might give you the added boost of confidence that you need.

Not only can you carry black crystals with you, but you might also position them around your home strategically to keep enemies out. For example, you might place black crystals near your front and back doors. Consider placing black crystals in other areas where you spend a lot of time such as an office or even your car. To learn more about the healing properties of crystals, click here.

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