Why that psychic hasn’t won the lottery

If you’ve ever been in  a conversation with a skeptic trying to prove to you that psychics are fake, you’ve probably heard him or her say, “If psychics are real, then how come they don’t pick the winning lottery numbers?”

While the skeptic may think he’s pretty smart to come up with that line of reasoning, it’s actually pretty faulty.

There are a number of reasons why your psychic may not have won the lottery.

1. Winning the lottery isn’t part of his or her life path. Those of you familiar with the tenets of reincarnation know that souls incarnate on this Earth with a plan and a mission in mind. While you may have forgotten your mission, you can best believe you were born with certain things you wanted to accomplish. If you’re wondering what those things are, think about the things you’re most interested in. Your higher self has not forgotten, and it’s constantly sending you reminders of what you came here to do. But back to your psychic. Who says his or her intention in this lifetime was to be a millionaire? Assuming that every soul would come here determined to in the lottery is a statement only a less-evolved soul would make. 🙂

2. Spirituality is about the greater good. Another reason your psychic may not have won the lottery is because that might not be for the greater good of all. Responsible psychics use their gifts to help people; they want to facilitate spiritual development. They don’t do it out of greed or for personal gain. That’s not saying a psychic could not win the lottery; it could, in fact, be for the greater good for that to happen. But only your psychic’s soul knows what’s best. So to put it nicely, it’s really none of the skeptic’s business.

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3. Psychics aren’t perfect. This is probably the biggest reason why your psychic has not won the lottery, or why your psychic hasn’t found her soulmate or any other flaw that you perceive your psychic to have. Just because a psychic has developed his or her intuitive abilities, that doesn’t mean he or she is perfect. Have you ever met physician or nurse who was fat? The fact that the medical professional was overweight didn’t take away from his or her ability to practice medicine. He or she might know how to be healthy, but may still struggle with weight personally. The same is true with psychics. Everyone has a challenging area in life, whether it’s money, relationships or something else.

4. Third-party readings are always better than your own. Have you ever tried to do a psychic reading on yourself? How difficult was that? You can be the most psychic in the world but you are going to be challenged when it comes to doing readings on yourself because it’s hard to be objective about your own life. Sure, it might work on areas of your life that are going well or that don’t have a charge. But if you really want that relationship to work and you do a reading on yourself, are you going to interpret the reading as it is or as you want it to be?

To increase your odds that you’ll interpret things right, it’s good to get a third-person to do the reading. An objective psychic reader has no bias about your life and even if you think you know what your intuition is trying to tell you, it’s always good to get a little validation.

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