Why you may miss your soulmate this lifetime.

miss-soulmateIt’s not unusual for people to dream about meeting a soulmate. Many people believe it is inevitable that they will meet their soulmate. While it’s true that you will share experiences with all of your soulmates (you have more than one), you can miss meeting a particular soulmate in this lifetime.

One of the greatest myths people have about soulmates is that they only have one. Many people believe a soulmate is the person they are meant to marry or share a life partnership with. However, soulmates do not have to be romantically involved with you. Family members, close friends and even enemies can be soulmates who have an important life experience to share with you.

You can also go a lifetime without meeting one or more of your soulmates.

Sometimes you and your soulmate have decided that you are going to work on different things in this lifetime so there is no need to spend time together for now.

Another reason you and your soulmate might not meet during this lifetime is because there may be a greater lesson for you both in being apart at this time.

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You can also miss meeting your soulmate if you live a life disconnected from the yearnings of your soul. Sometimes people ignore their hearts and live the lives that others want them to live. Other times, people drown out their inner voices, choosing instead to let their egos make all of their decisions.

This is a recipe for missing a soulmate. As the name suggests, your soulmate is connected to your soul’s longings. If you ignore what your soul is telling you, it will be easy to miss what your soul could be trying to show you, whether it’s the path to your heart’s desires or a soulmate who could lead you there.

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