Why you should create your own Book of Shadows

You may have heard about a Book of Shadows on a television show like Charmed or perhaps you’ve seen the phrase when reading something about Witchcraft. A Book of Shadows is a book that holds a collection of spells and other magical information that can be used when performing magic.

As your psychic abilities grow and evolve, and as your metaphysical knowledge grows, you will discover universal truths that will guide you in your own life. You will experience your a-ha moments when you see how a shift in mindset or a slight change in direction can bring about a monumental turn in your life. You will grow wiser and have a better understanding of how the Universe works.

Your Book of Shadows is where you can record all of this information, not only for yourself so you will remember it the next time you experience a challenge in your life but also your children or other loved ones.

Spells aren’t the only thing that can go in a Book of Shadows. You can describe actions taken by yourself or others to get the things in life that you want. You can record your experiences using the Law of Attraction or attracting the right relationships and experiences into your life. Let it be a place where you can record your successes as a metaphysician. If you ever decide to teach what you know, you Book of Shadows will serve as a launching point to ensure that you remember all of the steps that you took.

You can use a journal or notebook as your Book of Shadows. Just make sure that you feel a connection to the book that you choose. You might go to a bookstore and peruse the journal and notebook offerings until one calls out to you. Set the intention to be drawn to the right book. Then, don’t purchase one or select one until you feel that it is the right one. Begin to get into the habit of calling forth the things in life that you desire rather than working to ‘make them happen.’ Call forth your Book of Shadows. After all, even before you hold it into your hands, the right journal or notebook for you became yours energetically the minute you set the intention that you wanted to find it.

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Once an object is energetically yours, you have the power and the ability to summon it to you. Truly know that the item will find a way to make itself to you and let it go. Don’t worry about how it will happen or who will bring it to you. The energy molecules in the object that are energetically attached to you will find a way to return to you as long as you maintain that connection in your mind.

Once your Book of Shadows is in your hand, make sure you protect it. This isn’t something that you share with everyone. Rather, you share it only with people you trust who are ready to receive such valuable information.

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