Why you should create your own Tarot spreads

When people first start learning how to read Tarot Cards, one of the first things they tend to do is memorize the meanings of the various cards. Then, they may learn a few spreads and use those spreads over and over again. (One of the most common spreads is the  Celtic Cross.) While that’s a good way to get comfortable with using the cards, and to learn more about the craft of Tarot Card reading, it’s natural to change your process over time. In fact, creating your own Tarot Card spreads is a great way to strengthen your psychic ability and the accuracy of your readings.

When you focus too much on memorizing spreads and card meanings, you bring logic into your Tarot Card readings, and that’s one of the easiest ways to stifle your intuition. While common card interpretations can be helpful, they are only meant to serve as inspiration for your own intuition to take over.

One thing you’ll likely learn is that a card can have a certain meaning in one reading, and it can have an entirely different meaning in another reading. Likewise, two different psychic readers can very well read the same card in different ways, even if those differences are minor.

Some people may feel intimidated about creating their own spreads, but they shouldn’t be. There is no such thing as a bad spread, as long as that spread is designed to give you the information you’re looking for.

When creating your own spread, think about what type of answers you’re looking for. The more factors or variables impacting your question, the more cards you want to use. For example, if you’re wondering about the long-term viability of your current career path, you might have a card that represents the present, one that represents past influences, one that represents the near-term future, one that represents your current colleagues and one that represents long-term influences.  If you’re looking for guidance on getting the most out of the day ahead, you might create a simple three-card spread in which you look at past, present and future influences.

You might even intuitively create a spread on the fly. Some Tarot Card readers make up a different spread whenever they do a new reading. For them, the spread is as much a part of the intuitive process as the card interpretations themselves. Some readers don’t use spreads at all. They simply rifle through the cards and allow whatever psychic impressions they get to come up. (If you want to become more comfortable with using Tarot Cards to tap your own intuition, consider the Learning to Do Psychic Readings Course by John Holland.)

What’s most important is that you understand what you’re trying to do and that you set an intention to use the Tarot Cards to get the psychic answers that you’re looking for.

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