Why you should not cast break up spells

Anyone who is committed to a metaphysical lifestyle understands that spells do have power. They are a method of focusing intent to get a specific outcome, and intention can shape reality. While spells can be used to attract love into your life, magnetize money to you and bring you good luck, there are some types of spells that you really should stay away from. Break up spells are at the top of the list.

It’s painful to be in love with someone who you can’t have, particularly when that person is involved with someone else.  You may have been with that person in the past, or you may have waited on the sidelines for this person only to be overlooked. You may even believe in your heart that this person is your soulmate. However, using a break up spell to try to end that person’s relationship breaks Spiritual Laws.

Have you ever heard of karma? Some people look at karma as a punishment for people who do things that are wrong. But karma is not a punishment; rather it is a Spiritual Law that creates balance and fairness in the universe. You can certainly use karma to your advantage; after all, what you give is what you get. Give love, get love. Give money, get money. Give heartache, you get the picture.

Break up spells have consequences

If you use a break up spell to end someone’s relationship, you’ve set the wheels of karma in motion. Do you think your relationship can survive? Don’t the rules of karma suggest that someone will try to do harm to your relationship? Ever heard the saying, the way you get him is the way you lose him? Often this statement is used to describe a situation in which the other woman steals the man from his wife only to have another woman snag the man from her. Again, karma.

Another reason you should avoid using break up spells is because you’re infringing upon the free will of someone else. Spiritual Law does not give you the right to force someone to love you. Everyone has free will, and in order for a relationship to be Spiritually sound, both parties must go into that relationship with eyes wide open and with the intention to enter that relationship. A spell that does damage to someone’s relationship so that they will come to you doesn’t honor that person’s free will if he or she wants to be in that relationship. It’s important for the relationship to run its course and for the person you want to put his or her current relationship in the past if you are to have a successful relationship with that person.

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However, that’s not to say that spells can’t help you to spice up your love life. There are all kinds of lovespells that are designed to attract love to you or to enhance your attraction capabilities, so to speak. These spells aren’t working to bring a certain person into your life; rather they’re designed to bring the essence of love into your life. Open your heart and let the Universe determine who the best person is to provide that love to you. The Universe always exceeds your expectations.

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