Willing to Be Wrong

A few months ago, I met a woman who is a professional psychic or intuitive reader. She told me about a few things that would happen in the next few months, and some of them have, in fact, happened. But her predictions weren’t what stood out most to me about our conversation.

I told her that I wanted to strengthen my intuition and do a better job of trusting it and she encouraged me, telling me that we all have the capability to improve the accuracy of our intuition.

She said, “Why don’t you trust your intuition?”

I said, “Because I’m afraid I might be wrong.”

She said, “So what if you’re wrong?”

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When she posed that question to me, I didn’t have an answer. Even if I don’t use my intuition to solve day-to-day dilemmas, there’s a chance I may be wrong.

I thought about what that woman said a lot in the last few months. Sometimes we have so many options that we become stuck, as we try to figure out which path to take. A common piece of advice is to just take a step – any step – and see where it leads. Sure, we may decide to take a step back and go in a different direction, but at least we ruled out one option and made some progress. And if we’re making progress, are we ever really wrong?

Intuitive Action Item: Think back to a time when you made what you believe to be a wrong decision. Has anything good come of it? The fact that you know it was the ‘wrong’ decision means you’ve achieved some level of growth as a result of it. By making peace with the times that you were wrong, you’re more open to trying new paths that your intuition will bring you to in the future.

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