Witches Get Political, Take On Brett Kavanaugh

witches Brett KavanaughYes, witches can get political too. And if you’re feeling victimized or powerless after the Brett Kavanaugh hearings made a mockery of the #MeToo movement, some witches in Brooklyn want you to know that they’ve got your back. And you can even join them if you feel magically-inclined.

On October 20, Brooklyn, NY-based witch Dakota Bracciale is organizing a gathering of witches to express their feelings about Kavanaugh with a little magic. The witches say they will be putting a hex on Kavanaugh in an attempt to take a stand against sexual assault and the patriarchal society that supports it.

Think back to those days when Christine Ford shared her story before Congress and a group of old, white men (and some brainwashed, misguided women) said something to the effect of: Bless her heart. Poor Christine must be confused about who assaulted her. If watching that travesty made you feel angry, this might be a magical way to channel your rage.

Calling all witches: How you can get involved

According to the group’s Facebook page:

“Please join us for a public hex on Brett Kavanaugh, upon all rapists and the patriarchy at large which emboldens, rewards and protects them. We are embracing witchcraft’s true roots as the magik of the poor, the downtrodden and disenfranchised and it’s history as often the only weapon, the only means of exacting justice available to those of us who have been wronged by men just like him.”

Want to learn how to recognize — and trust — your own messages? Sign up here.

Half of the proceeds raised from the event will be going to charity, with 25 percent going to Planned Parenthood and the other 25 percent going to the Ali Forney Center, an organization for LGBTQ youth.

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Though the event is already sold out, Catland Books — where the event will take place — will livestream it.

Embracing your power: Exploring your witchy side

The word ‘witch’ conjures up all kinds of thoughts. For the brainwashed and less enlightened, it can bring thoughts of fear, evil and dread. But for those who understand this belief system, Wicca has long brought images of strength, femininity (though there are male witches too) and cooperation with the Universe. Many witches keep their beliefs on the low, so you might actually know a witch or two and not even be aware of it.

If you have an interest in witchcraft or you’re drawn to learning more about it, you have more resources at your fingertips than people did in the past. You also don’t have to worry about being burned alive at the stake (hopefully!)

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