How a Worry Doll Can Ease Your Anxiety

Worry dollWe all have problems, but it’s not helpful for anyone to have a problem that is keeping them awake each night. Whether you’re worried about your job, your bills, your relationship or something else entirely, wouldn’t it be great to turn your worries over to someone who could do the worrying for you? With a worry doll, you can. Or, at least, that’s the idea behind these helpful metaphysical tools. But you can also take it a step further and use worry dolls as psychic development tools.

The concept of worry dolls originated in Guatemala. They are typically tiny dolls made largely of string. You can also make your own worry dolls out of anything. I’ve seen worry dolls made out of clothespins, material and magic markers.

The idea is that you can place a worry doll underneath your pillow when you sleep and while you dream, the doll will take away your concerns. That’s a great outcome, but if you’re open to getting psychic answers through your dreams, you can also use worry dolls to prompt your intuition. That way,¬†when you wake up, not only will you no longer have those worries to hold onto, but you may even have a solution to your problems.

To use a worry doll to get psychic answers to a problem do the following:

Make one or more worry dolls. You can also buy worry dolls that are already made. If you have multiple problems, you want to focus on one at a time, and you want to give each worry doll only one problem. These tools are tiny and inexpensive to make so it shouldn’t be a problem to get multiple worry dolls for your concerns.

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Decide which concern you want to focus on first. Select a worry doll and set the intention to have the worry doll take away your concerns while you sleep. At the same time, set the intention that you come up with a psychic solution to your problem while you’re sleeping.

Place the worry doll under your pillow before you go to sleep at night. Keep a journal nearby so you will be able to record any insights that you get.

When you wake up, start journaling whatever comes to mind. Even if you don’t think you remember your dreams, just start writing whatever comes to mind when you first wake up. You might surprise yourself and realize you remember more than you think.

Thank your worry doll for helping you.

If you’re not clear about a solution to your problem, repeat the process until you are. When a solution has been reached and you are no longer worried about the problem, it’s time to retire that particular worry doll. Some people even choose to bury worry dolls once they’ve finished working with them. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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