Yes, the FBI does use psychics

If you’ve ever wondered if the FBI really does depend on psychics to help them solve some cases, an FBI sketch artist admits to The New York Post that the answer is ‘yes.’

Television shows like The X Files and Medium have long shown how law enforcement often turns to psychics when they have particularly troubling cases. In such shows and movies, psychics are regularly called upon to provide insight into missing persons, murders and other criminal activity.

While the FBI has never publicly admitted to turning to psychics, Gene O’Donnell is an FBI sketch artist who admits to having worked with psychics to identify suspects, even drawing a sketch based on a vision that psychic had in her head.

In one experience that O’Donnell describes, a psychic that the FBI trusted reported receiving images of a man as well as of a young blond woman who the psychic believed was murdered. The psychic believed that the young woman was sending the visions from the other side.

O’Donnell was sent to the psychic’s home where she described her visions and O’Donnell created a sketch of the suspect.

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