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How My Intuition Saved me from a LinkedIn Scam

I like to think I’m too sophisticated to get scammed. But today, I almost fell for a LinkedIn scam. Until my intuition kicked in and saved the day.

Linkedin Scam

When you make a practice of using your intuition daily, every now and then something happens to make you realize just how much of a superpower you really have.

Sometimes you just know things you don’t want to know, such as that your boyfriend is cheating or a loved one is dying. But other times, your intuition kicks in and keeps you from doing something you might just regret. When your intuition is working on all cylinders, you have a built-in lie detector, bullshit meter and opportunity identifier all rolled up into one. 

Why I was vulnerable

As a full-time freelance writer, I make my living writing articles and other content for a broad range of clients. I’ve recently been unable to work because of an illness, but now that I have recovered, I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and working hard to rebuild my bank account. I’ve also been saving money to pay off the mounting medical bills I’ve had to deal with. 

So when this guy reached out to me via LinkedIn, telling me he was in desperate need of a writer for a project, I was intrigued. I told him I wanted to know more about the project and suggested we schedule a phone call where we could discuss more details about the project. I wanted to know: What exactly was he looking for? When would he need the work completed? And most importantly, How much was he willing to pay?

Instead of agreeing to schedule a call, he sent me back this super-long DM, telling me the topic — he wanted me to write about addiction. He also said he was willing to pay $1 per word, which is a decent rate, for a 6,000-word article. He said he would need this article in three to four weeks. 

While I’ve had steady work for the past few weeks, after this week, my calendar begins to lighten up. So I knew I had time to work on the article, and as I said, the rate is pretty good for freelance writing. Sure, I have some clients that pay more than $1 per word. But the sheer length of the product ensures that I would enjoy a nice payday when the project was completed. But I had this little nagging feeling that something was not right.

I couldn’t put my finger on it…

Now on the surface, this sounded like a good gig. And it would fill up my work calendar for the next three-to-four weeks. I could definitely use the money, and I had no idea if other clients would have work to keep me busy over that same period of time. So it was a no-brainer. Take the gig. Yet I hesitated.

Instead of getting back to the man about the offer, I procrastinated. I worked on one of my projects. I went to a physical therapy appointment. I came home and worked on another project. I recognized that I was putting off responding to this guy. And I know very well that procrastination is often one of the ways that our intuition lets us know something is not for us. We keep putting it off because on some level we know this isn’t right.

I asked myself, what is the holdup? Why aren’t you jumping at this opportunity?

I went back to LinkedIn and looked at his message. Something about it bugged me. Yet I didn’t know what it was. I googled the man’s name and nothing came up. The thought popped into my head that it might be a LinkedIn scam, and I even went so far as to google the man’s name with the word ‘scam,’ half expecting to see something come up showing he was, in fact, a scammer. There was nothing.

There was nothing to suggest this man was a scammer, and nothing to suggest that I shouldn’t do business with him. So if I wanted to run a successful business, I needed to accept this assignment and be grateful for the abundance, right? Yet I still felt a nagging desire to walk away from the opportunity.

Flexing that trust muscle

One of the most difficult lessons I’ve learned when it comes to using psychic abilities is that you have to trust them. If you don’t trust your intuition, what is the point in having it?

So I’ve worked on following my intuition even when I have no proof that it is right. I’ve worked on following it even when what it’s telling me defies what my eyes see. So I took a deep breath, went back onto LinkedIn and emailed the guy, letting him know I didn’t have the availability to work on the project in the timeframe he was looking for. I thanked him for reaching out and wished him luck on the project.

And that’s when things got a little weird 

I had gone back to my other work when something made me want to look at that man’s email again. I recognized the nudge and the strong desire to go back to the email as my intuition. I knew there was something I needed to see. 

When I logged back onto LinkedIn, I saw that the email was gone. I expected to see the email showing our back and forth. That’s what I see when I log on and look at all of my other exchanges. But there was no trace of this email, nor could I find the man’s name again when I searched for him via LinkedIn.

I didn’t understand what that could mean so I did a little research. I learned that an email will disappear on LinkedIn if the person who sent it blocks you or if that person deleted their account. 

I didn’t think the former made sense. I mean I turned his project down, but I was nice about it. Why would he block me simply for being unable to work for him. However, I immediately thought of my earlier musings about whether he was a scammer. I also know that sometimes thoughts that pop in our head are actually intuitive insights.

I would imagine a scammer would delete a fake LinkedIn profile and move on to a new fake profile for a new mark.

Was this a LinkedIn scam? I wondered if LinkedIn scams are prevalent and found an article that explained that they are. One theory is that LinkedIn users are professionals and they trust others on the network because those people are assumed to be professionals too. Scammers find that to be too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I also read about a LinkedIn scam in which someone offers a user a job and later in the interaction requests money for an application fee or some other bogus charge. 

While I know I wouldn’t give someone money for a job that I did, I would be very frustrated if I spent my time working on a project only to learn that I had been scammed and wasn’t getting paid.

While I don’t know for certain that this man was a scammer or if it was a LinkedIn scam — I may never know — I’m ok with that. Because I trust my intuition, I know that agreeing to work with this man would have been a monumental mistake. 

Seeing Faces in Things: A Sign You’re a Medium?

Two of my friends see faces in objects. One sees faces in furniture and trees. The other sees faces in rocks. While nobody else sees the faces but them, both believe the faces they are seeing are real. 

seeing faces in objects

I personally don’t see faces in things, but I know that psychic ability manifests differently from one person to the next.

  • One of my friends described the faces as simply ‘watching.’ She knew they were aware of what was going on around them.
  • The other also sensed that the faces had an agenda. They had a reason for appearing to her, though she did not know what that reason was. (She also didn’t want to know the reason, but I’ll get more into that later.)

Since they are both interested in psychic development, I wondered if they were in fact seeing faces through their third eye. Perhaps it was a sign that they were having a spiritual awakening, or maybe the faces were spirits that were trying to contact them

People describe seeing faces in things

I was curious about the phenomenon and wanted to see if I could find other people who experienced it. It didn’t take me long to find them.

In an online forum where people were discussing psychic experiences, I found this description from someone who saw faces in things:

“Recently, I have been noticing things that are unexplainable to me. Each night I go outside, either to talk on the phone or just relax. I have started to see, what I would call, shadow faces on walls and in trees. It is almost as if these faces are starring [sic] at me.”

The writer goes on to say that the faces are appearing more frequently, and different ones have different expressions. For example, some appear to be almost angry, while others seem to be emotionless.

Other readers on the forum responded that they experienced something similar. One person said they see faces in clouds and trees. Another described seeing faces out of the corner of their eye.

What science says about seeing faces

Naturally there is a scientific explanation for seeing faces. I find that there is always scientific reasoning for any phenomenon. I typically look beyond it because spiritual phenomena does not usually adhere to logic, but it’s good to know all of the interpretations out there.

There is a term for seeing faces — facial pareidolia.  It refers to the brain’s natural process of trying to make sense out of the patterns it sees. Basically your brain wants to interpret what you are seeing in a way that is familiar to you, hence if patterns appear to resemble a face, your brain might interpret the pattern on the tree or the pattern on the furniture to be a face.

Some people even spot religious figures such as Jesus in objects, and believe that to be a sign of significant importance.

While this may, in fact, be true for many people, I wasn’t satisfied that this is what my friends were describing, nor some of the participants in the online forum. My friends felt the presence of the faces. They didn’t just ‘see’ them. Something about the faces appealed to their guts and went beyond logic.

What psychics say about seeing faces

Luckily, I was able to find some other sources about what could possibly be going on when people see faces in objects.

Amanda Linette Meder, a clairvoyant and blogger, described seeing faces when she closed her eyes while attending a healing  retreat. Since that time, she has continued to see faces during meditation. She believes seeing faces whether in your mind’s eye or in objects can be an example of receiving spiritual insight. It could also be one of the ways that you experience clairvoyance, she says.

Lisa Bousson, a psychic medium, says she has seen faces in everyday objects since she was a child. “I can perceive energy with my spiritual vision,” she writes. She believes that when faces appear in objects, their spirits aren’t in the object, but rather the object contains their energetic imprint. In other  words, say you have a piece of furniture  and you see a face in it. The face could be the energetic imprint of someone who owned it before or someone who was part of the manufacturing process. When they handled the object, some of their energy was transferred to the object, and you are picking up on that energy.

Should you be afraid of the faces?

Neither of my friends are afraid of the faces they see. Yet neither of them wants to explore too closely the phenomenon they are experiencing. I suspect that both have strong medium capabilities, though neither is ready to embrace that aspect of their development. (Mediums have the ability to communicate with spirits and those from other realms. The faces could be beings from other realms who can sense that my friends have these abilities and are simply waiting until they are ready to use them.)

Whether you’re afraid of them or not may depend on what you believe the faces represent.  For example, if you are seeing faces, you may be wondering who these faces belong to. At least that’s something I would want to know. If you believe they belong to a ghost or some type of evil deity, you’re likely to be afraid. 

However, there is not one answer as to what the faces could represent. Everyone has theories. For example, Linette Meder points out that they could be your ancestors, Spirit Guides or possibly a race of Spirit People that we don’t know about. If I believe the faces to be those of my ancestors, not only would I not be afraid, but I would likely welcome seeing the faces and possibly consider seeing them to be a sign from the Universe or, perhaps, my Spirit Guides.

Pay attention to your gut. If you feel comfortable around the faces, rest assured that you are safe around them. I would go into meditation and ask my Spirit Guides to tell me who they are. If you can connect with the faces, you might even consider asking them who they are. Then look for signs or pay attention to any thoughts that pop into your head.

Now if you don’t feel comfortable with seeing faces, here’s what you can do:

Get a protection crystal and carry it around with you. Black Tourmaline and Obsidian are two of my favorite crystals to carry around for protection. In fact, after I was the target of a road rage incident, I started keeping Obsidian in my glove compartment at all times. You can have fun with this by wearing jewelry that is made with protection crystals such as this I Deflect Harmful EnergyNecklace.

Why Do I Keep Dreaming About My Ex?: The Spiritual Meaning

Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Spiritual meaning

A couple of weeks ago, I had a dream about an ex. It was someone I haven’t thought of in years. It isn’t someone I pine after and it’s not an ex who I believe ‘got away.’ Yet, I felt instinctively that the dream was significant because it was vivid and I felt energized when I woke up — all signs you should pay attention to a dream. I also believed that the dream about my ex had a spiritual meaning.

My first thought was to wonder whether I would soon be in touch with my ex. Often, when I have prophetic dreams, a person I dreamt about will pop up unexpectedly in my life within the next few weeks. They may call out of the blue, or I will run into them one day randomly.

An interesting thing about the dream was that I was excited to run into this person in the dream itself. I was genuinely happy to see them and we had a pleasant conversation. In real life, I don’t really have feelings for this person anymore, but I was intrigued by what the dream might have meant.

Dreaming about an ex years later can be emotional and bring a flood of memories that may or may not be totally accurate. In fact, one study shows that it is not unusual for people to have memories about past events that did not really happen. We may look back on a time and remember only the good times, telling ourselves the experience was better than it really was. Or we may do the opposite — look back with regret without being grateful for the good times the experience brought. When we do this, it’s easy to miss out on the spiritual meaning of the dream.

Dreaming about my ex: Will we get back together?

If you’re still in love with an ex or you still have feelings for them, it’s not unusual to jump to the conclusion that the dream means the two of you will reunite. In many cases this is wishful thinking. Sure, it is a possibility, but there is just as much of a possibility that the dream is symbolic of something else.

In the dream, your ex could represent someone else. Here are a couple of possible scenarios.

  • Perhaps you are in a new relationship or considering a new relationship. The ex in your dream could represent the new love and the dream may be a warning to you that you are getting ready to make the same mistake you made with your ex. (So many of us repeat the same mistakes over and over again, particularly when it comes to relationships.) Your dream may be a way of getting your attention so you can avoid heartache.
  • Another possibility: the ex in your dream may be foreshadowing that you are about to fall in love again. Since your ex was a past love, your intuition may be using the dream to prepare you for a future love. The future love may even have some of the same physical or psychological qualities as the ex. Often, when I meet someone new, my mind will flash to another person in my life. That’s my intuition’s way of telling me that I can trust the new person as much as I trust the person who is already in my life. For example, if my mind flashes to someone I’ve learned not to trust, my intuition is telling me ‘don’t trust this new person.’
  • There is also the possibility that there is a lesson from that past relationship that you have not learned yet. Maybe the fact that you have not learned the lesson is keeping you from moving on to a new relationship and the dream is trying to urge you forward.

  • And then there is the possibility that the dream is a literal one. Perhaps you are destined to reconnect with the ex and possibly even rekindle the romance.

I dream about my ex every night: What do I do?

There are some signs that a dream is particularly important. When you dream about someone multiple times, particularly in close proximity, there is typically something urgent about that dream. Of course, if you are still in love and pining after your ex and you dream about them multiple nights in a row, those dreams may simply reflect the fact that the ex is on your mind. But if you, like me, haven’t thought about the ex in years and you’re suddenly dreaming about them every night, there could be something important for you do. There are a number of things you can do figure out what steps to take.

Do a Tarot exercise

Tarot is one of my go-to psychic tools. (My favorite deck at the moment is the Modern Witch Tarot. The images are gorgeous and it features diversity.) Not only do I pick a card each morning to get guidance for the day ahead, but I often use it to get answers to questions in my life — both big and small. In this scenario, I would do a three-card draw and ask: Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? Spiritual meaning. I would also use the following spread: the first card would represent the foundation of my relationship with the ex. The second card would represent the state of my relationship with the ex today. The third card would represent what my Spirit Guides wanted me to know about the dream.

It may be easier for you to just work with the Major Arcana cards when doing this exercise rather than the entire Tarot card deck. You can also do this exercise with a set of Oracle cards. Some people find it easier to work with Oracle cards than Tarot cards. There really are no rules. You can do what feels best for you.

This is easier to do if you’re not pining over your ex and you’re open to any outcome. If you really want to get back with your ex, you may read into the tarot cards what you want to read into them. In that case, it may be better if you go elsewhere for a psychic reading from a third party who is not vested in the outcome.

Visualize a path

There is another psychic exercise that I frequently turn to when I want answers. Say you’re wondering whether you should reach out to your ex. Here’s what to do:

  • Go into meditation.
  • Visualize yourself sitting comfortably in a location that makes you feel safe. I like to visualize myself in a bright forest, surrounded by lush green trees, flowers and plenty of Spirit Guides surrounding me.
  • Ask your Spirit Guides to reveal the path if you were to reach out to your ex.
  • What do you see in your mind’s eye? Is the path well-lit? Do you feel good about it? Is it overgrown and abandoned? Do you feel uneasy on it? Pay attention to the visualization. Basically if it feels good, go ahead and call your ex. If it doesn’t feel good, or you have no feeling at all, do nothing.

Pull out a pendulum

why do I keep dreaming about my ex

Another way to get some spiritual insight into your dream is by using a pendulum. This could be particularly helpful if you are considering taking an action because of the dream, or if you have a simple question. Why? Because pendulums give you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. You might ask, “Will I see my ex again?” The pendulum will give you an answer one way or another.

When you first start using a pendulum, you have to learn how to differentiate between ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ Silently ask a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question that you already know the answer to, such as ‘is it raining outside.’ Then observe the way that the pendulum swings. If it’s raining outside and the pendulum swings in a circular motion, then that’s how your pendulum will relay affirmative answers to you. Then do the same thing with a question in which you know the answer is ‘no.’ Once you know how the pendulum swings, ask whatever you want to know about the dream.

The spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex

If you truly want to know the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your ex, that requires allowing the lesson to come to you. We live in an action-driven society, where our egos tell us to do something and take control over our lives. However, ‘control’ is a myth. When it comes to spirituality, one of the first lessons we learn is that we are not in control, but rather we allow the Universe to work through us.

Be willing to be still and watch for signs and other messages that could give you insight into the dream and why you keep dreaming about an ex. Set an intention that you receive the guidance and learn the lessons you are meant to learn, and then be vigilant. Pay attention to signs. Literally ask your Spirit Guides a question. Ask them: “Why do I keep dreaming about my ex? What’s the spiritual meaning.” Then expect to receive the answer.

In my case, I chose to wait things out rather than act on the dream. I figured that if I was meant to take action, I would get further guidance. However, I was vigilant, looking out for other signs that had anything to do with relationships, past or current friendships and that particular ex. Interestingly, a few days later, a different person from my past reached out to me. This was someone who I had not been in a relationship with though he had wanted to be in a relationship with me at the time. His reaching out was a surprise and the conversation was pleasant. I wondered if he was the person my dream had been symbolically preparing me to interact with.

Time will tell.

A couple gifts for Libra season (and my approach to gift-giving)


Lately I’ve been giving people metaphysical gifts. While I expect those who are into metaphysics and spirituality like me to appreciate them, I’ve been finding that other people — those who aren’t necessarily interested in tarot and messages — are also enjoying these gifts because there is a deep significance to them. This month is no different so today I set out to find a few gifts for some special Libras in my life.

gifts for Libras

I’m a strong proponent on finding gifts that have a special meaning. For example, a friend of mine was going through a rough spell in her career. She’d been to one job interview after another with no luck, and I bought her a piece of Aventurine. She didn’t know much about the crystal, but when I explained to her that it’s good for helping you through interviews and other aspects of the job-hunting process, she would carry that stone whenever she took action to move forward in her career. It wasn’t long after that that she got a job.

Some would say she would have gotten the job anyway. Perhaps she would have. But I noticed that her energy seemed to shift when she started to carry the crystal. She didn’t seem as stressed before interviews and she felt like something was working in her favor behind the scenes. Sometimes we simply need something to believe…

When it comes to my gift-selection process, some could say it’s selfish to get someone a gift that reflects you rather than them. I get that. But I also think it’s a testament to who I am and the unique person they chose to be friends with. They all know I live and breathe metaphysics and to be honest, many of them get excited by the rituals, messages and synchronicity that govern my lifestyle. I also put a lot of thought into what gifts represent what they are going through in life, so my gifts are truly personalized to how I perceive them to be energetically. You can even go into meditation and ask your Spirit Guides what item to gift someone. You may not agree with how I do it, but it works for me. So let’s get into my gifts for Libras…

Libras are drawn to beauty

If you want to impress a Libra, you’ve got to know what they value. Libras tend to like beautiful things. They are ruled by Venus, after all. So not only does it have to represent their personality, but it has to be pretty. Libras are also Air signs, meaning they are thinkers. My Libra friends are all intellectual, and they like to be mentally stimulated. For those celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, the desire to reflect and set intentions for a better tomorrow is often key. I spent a little time searching before I came up with these two items from one of my favorite online shopping places, Energy Muse.

Libra Horoscope Moon Incense Holder.  I know my friend loves incense and she is very in tuned with the phases of the moon.  The mango wood is complemented by the design of the scales. Now, every new and full moon, she can use this incense holder to enhance any ritual that she does. On new moons, she can pull it out when she wants to set intentions for the next moon cycle. On full moons she can use it when she is ready to release something from her life. I want to help her manifest all of her desires this year and I believe moon magick is one of the most powerful ways to do that.

Libra Horoscope Crystals Box Set. If you use crystals, you know that different days tend to require different energies. There are also likely certain crystals that you work with better than others. Certain crystals also have properties that align with the different signs. This crystal box set comes with six crystals that work will with the energetic properties of Libras. The set includes Pink Tourmaline, Blue Apatite, Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Citrine and Green Quartz. I know it will be perfect for another friend who not only collects crystals because of their energetic properties but because they look gorgeous in her house. I also know this gift will help her to learn more about different crystals, which has been an interest of hers.

Of course non-Libra-related items can be good gifts for Libras, but if you really want a personalized memento, these may do the trick. At least they will do the trick for my gift-giving purposes.

Cancer Miracle: How Psychic Messages Led the Way

cancer miracle

I’ve always had a strong interest in intuition, spirituality and metaphysics. An illness taught me that all of the woo-woo stuff I’d learned about was real. It’s one thing to understand concepts logically, but another thing entirely to experience supernatural messages during the darkest moments of your life.

A cancer diagnosis left me in a tailspin. Having never had major health challenges before, there wasn’t much others could say to reassure me. Instead, it was messages from the Universe that reassured me and showed me how to make it through the crisis. In short, those messages led me to my cancer miracle.

Intuition told me something was wrong

My intuition was a critical partner from the beginning. After doctors diagnosed abdominal pain as an ulcer, I knew something else was wrong. I tried the medication they had prescribed anyway and after a few weeks, I knew my instincts had been right. This medication was not working because I did not have an ulcer.

Though I had a followup doctor’s appointment a week later, my intuition screamed that I needed to see a doctor that day. I listened and went to Urgent Care, where a doctor had the inspiration to give me a CT scan. The doctor came into the exam room and I knew instantly that something was wrong. She sat next to me and said my CT scan results were in and it wasn’t good. She then proceeded to tell me that they found a mass on my pancreas that they believed to be cancer. It didn’t escape me that my intuition had pushed me to get to a doctor and it had conveyed that there was a sense of urgency. I felt that my intuition had told me that time was of the essence, and since I had listened, I instinctively believed that I must have been meant to survive. 

That was the beginning of a year of nine months of chemotherapy and radiation. If you’ve ever seen the stats on pancreatic cancer, you know they are grim. Bottom line: most people don’t live long after a diagnosis. The optimism I felt early on faded and I felt like my cancer miracle was out of reach. My mind was filled with thoughts about dying. I wondered what the experience would be like, and how it would affect those in my life who love me most. I worried about how my mother would take it; how my sister would feel, and how my death would affect my nephew.

Psychic messages that promised a cancer miracle

Yet, despite the fears that were crashing through my head, I kept getting messages that I would live. 

Clairaudience is perhaps my strongest psychic sense. I kept hearing that I would be fine.

I also experienced a visitation. My deceased aunt came to me in a vision and told me, ‘You aren’t dying.’

I had visions. When I would close my eyes, I’d see myself walking through a forest and the sky was dark, indicating that I was walking through a storm. Yet right in front of me, the sun was shining bright. That vision told me that I would make it to sunny days.

Other signs I received included:

Angel numbers — I often saw 111 and 444, as well as some others multiple times a day.

Animal messages — Deer, dragonflies and even cicadas were symbolic at different times. For example, cicadas are flying insects that make an appearance for a couple of months every 17 years and mate. They then all die off. I saw a cicada on my mother’s deck months after the cicadas were believed to have died out. I intuitively knew that the cicada represented me. It had survived despite the odds.

Dreams — One dream that I had in particular was that I would have surgery and it would be successful. Surgery is the only potential cure for pancreatic cancer. I did, in fact, have major surgery — a Whipple surgery —and the operation was deemed a success.

We all receive messages to guide us throughout our lives. However, we often don’t notice them or we don’t trust what they tell us. When we tune into these messages, record them and trust what they have to tell us, we move forward on the path that our higher self wants to embark on.