Angel Numbers: How to Interpret the Meaning of Any Number

Lately I’ve been having a challenging time, as I’ve found myself dealing with a major health issue for the first time in my life. I’ve had my share of fearful moments and frustrations too since this period has lasted way longer than I imagined....

Ways Clairaudients Can Tell Different Voices Apart

Can a clairaudient tell voices apart? With some practice, the answer is yes. If you have the psychic gift of clairaudience, one of the first things you’ll notice as you build your clairaudient muscles is that not all psychic voices sound the same. In fact, you...

Manifesting 101: Why You Should Pre-pave Everything

When it comes to manifesting, I often think about using manifestation techniques for the big stuff rather than the mundane experiences that I have every day. However, I got a big lesson today in why I should be applying these principals to everything.

Signs a Spirit Animal is Reaching Out to You

Whenever I’ve experienced a crisis, I’ve always noticed that animals help me to get through. I’m not talking about my cat — though she is a great comfort emotionally. Rather, I’m talking about the spirit animals that communicate with me more frequently when times are challenging.