Hi, I’m Mara.

For years, I’ve been interested in psychic ability, metaphysics and the paranormal. When I was four, I communicated with a ghost who lived in our house. When I was a teen-ager, I started to become interested in astrology, tarot and other divinatory systems. I read books that blew my mind and left me knowing that I wanted to explore the supernatural further. I had psychic hits where I just knew things were going to happen before they did.

Then I was diagnosed with cancer and my connection to the spirit world literally kept me alive. Throughout my two-year illness, I got message after message telling me that I was not dying and that I would survive. Whenever I felt like giving up, I would get messages telling me to hold on because healing was my destiny. When my doctors didn’t know what else they could do, my intuition led me to reach out to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota where I was treated and cured.

You may have had psychic experiences, probably hit-or-miss, and you may have had some synchronicities in your life that you know meant something — even if you’re not sure exactly what.

But how does this knowledge, as true as you know it to be, really fit into your life? How can you use this ancient knowledge to your advantage at your job, in your relationships and in your day to day life?

the chakras and their meanings

Those are the primary questions that Psychic Lessons seeks to answer. The articles on this site will delve deep into:

–How to move from getting occasional psychic hits to using your intuition on demand.
–How to use divination tools like Tarot Cards and pendulums for guidance.
–How to leverage magical tools such as candles and crystals to manifest the life you want.
–How to incorporate messages from readings, moon phases and animal sightings into your life.
–How to live metaphysically.

If you’ve ever wanted to explore your psychic side but didn’t know where to start, this blog will shine the way. Welcome to the journey!

Not sure where to start?

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