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Feng shui for health: How I found my doctors

If you’ve read the home page of my site, you know I faced a cancer diagnosis, underwent chemotherapy and radiation, and then ran up against a brick wall when my current doctors could not do anything more about my situation. The tumor I had was too close to an artery for my doctors to feel comfortable operating on me. My situation turned around for the better about a year ago when my intuition led me to contact the Mayo Clinic, a two-hour flight away from my home. It was those doctors that saw me, operated on me and sent me on my way to a second chance at life. And it was feng shui that attracted those doctors to me.

A bagua sits in front of some rocks in a bid to use feng shui for health.

Before I go any further, let me say I’m not a doctor or medical professional, and I am not giving out medical advice. While I used metaphysical techniques to aid in my recovery, I listened to doctor’s orders and I recommend that anyone with a health ailment find a doctor that they trust who knows what they are doing. Now here’s how feng shui helped me to do just that.

I have always been interested in feng shui. I’ve had good experiences with other experiments I’ve done. For example, I purchased a Citrine crystal and placed it in the wealth corner of my house a few years back and within a year my financial situation had totally transformed and I was making more money than I had ever made in my life. Shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer, I looked for ways to use feng shui for health and to improve my situation.

Turning to feng shui for health problems

Now I’m the first to say that I’m no expert on feng shui. I’ve dabbled in it and read a few books. One of the things I learned is that the part of the house to the right of the front entrance is known as the ‘helpful people and travel’ corner of the house. That is where I focused my energy.

Some may wonder why I didn’t focus directly on the ‘health’ section of my home, which is in the center of the house. If there was anything I knew at that time it was that I needed help from others. I did not have the answers I needed or the ability to handle this dire situation on my own. So that’s where I decided to try my luck.

One of the beautiful things about metaphysical practices is you are invited to bring your whole selves to them. Rather than looking for a ritual that would help me, I decided to create my own.

My ritual to attract the right medical team

I knew that I needed helpful people to treat me. I wanted a team of doctors who knew how to help me and who would successfully take care of my situation. At this time, I didn’t yet know that my current doctors would not be able to help me beyond a certain point. I took a piece of paper and I wrote, “I attract a health team that can treat me holistically and that knows how to bring me back to good health.” I then folded the piece of paper and placed it in a decorative box that was in that particular room. And then I walked out of the room and totally forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I was in that room and I stumbled upon it. I had totally forgotten about that request I had made. Yet what happened in my life over the past year was something of a miracle. I just felt drawn back in February of last year to reach out to the Mayo Clinic after my current doctors had put me on ‘maintenance chemo’ since there was nothing more they could do. Despite the fact that I had heard stories about it taking time to get an appointment at Mayo, I was told there was an open appointment the next week. When I arrived to Mayo Clinic, not only did their tests show that there was no cancer in my body, but they told me they could do the surgery, which would give me a shot at the best possible outcome. I realized that these doctors were the helpful people I had been looking for.

Last week, I took the piece of paper out of my ‘helpful people’ corner. It is one of the souvenirs that I take from this experience of growth and transformation. And I thanked the Universe for doing its part to assist me.

You don’t just have to use this ritual if you want to use feng shui for health. You can use it for anything. Whether you’re looking for a doctor, a plumber, a handyman or any other type of helpful person, give this practice a try. While it may take some time to manifest — it was about eight months later that my Mayo medical team showed up in my life — your intentions and expectations will be working in conjunction with the Universe to bring your request to fruition.

Tarot Card Healing: Using your Deck for Therapy

The more I delve into metaphysics and spirituality, the less interested I am in having someone tell me my future. I also don’t simply look to my tarot cards for insights into my future. Rather, I look to them for messages to guide me on my path today and insights into how I can stay healthy emotionally. In other words, I’m a proponent of tarot card healing.

Take yesterday. I did my daily tarot card pull, where I shuffle my Modern Witch tarot deck and pick a card. I typically meditate with the card to see if I get any messages. Then I analyze the card to see what comes up for me, and write in my journal what I think the card is trying to tell me. Sometimes over the course of the day I will discover that the meaning I came up with in the morning is not the meaning after all.  In fact, I often revisit the card at the end of the day to see if I have a different perspective on it and its meaning. Other times, I will notice that over the course of a few days the same card repeats itself, or cards with similar themes all come in the same period of time. 

An example of tarot card healing

Yesterday I picked the Judgment card.

The judgment tarot card is an example of me using my deck for tarot card healing.

I thought about some of the meanings that are normally attributed to the judgment card: an outcome, a major turning point, consequences, karma. I wasn’t quite sure how any of those possibilities fit into my life. Right now, I’m continuing to recover from a Whipple surgery that removed my pancreas, part of my stomach, my gallbladder and my spleen. I’m nine months out from surgery, and I’ve been told my recovery will take about a year. So I’m not expecting any outcome right now. But I stayed open and went about my day.

Later in the day, I found myself becoming annoyed with a person I used to be friends with. Turns out she was on social media talking about something that I didn’t feel was authentic, given what I know about her. I was so annoyed that I mentioned to a mutual friend that former friend was fraud. We then got into this discussion about why I felt that way, and lo and behold, it hit me that I was judging this person — and my card of the day was the Judgment card. 

It was then that I thought about my tarot card pull and I knew that the Judgment card had been a warning to me, advising me to watch out for the impulse to stand in judgment of someone else. Once I understood the message, I knew I had to take action. Psychic ability grows and strengthens every time we trust it and take action. 

How I heeded the message of the tarot card 

So for the rest of that day I thought about my annoyance and my judgment of this former friend. I knew that if I was so annoyed there must be some healing that I need to do. I was being triggered by this former friend’s actions. I knew I had some inner work to do to get to the bottom of my feelings and work through them. And I’ve been sitting with my feelings and judgments ever since.

That’s an example of tarot card healing, and how the cards can bring healing into your life. They can point out areas of your life that you may benefit from focusing on, or they can warn you to take your energy or focus away from the things that do not really matter.

There are even some psychotherapists that use tarot cards in their work with patients. For example, the Trauma and Anxiety Center in Maryville, Tennessee uses tarot cards to help patients discover what their subconscious minds are trying to tell them.

According to the Center: “a woman might be struggling with her choices within a relationship, so she blindly picks a card to symbolize her relationship.  She chooses The Sun, a card that symbolizes opportunity/optimism and pictures a glowing child riding a horse amidst a shining sun.  When asked what this card means to her, she states that the card seems really happy—which is exactly how she feels on the surface within the relationship.  Yet she and her partner have differing views on whether or not to have children, and that the child on the horse represents that conflict.  For her, exploring the card and the symbols might in turn provide deeper insight into how to proceed with her relationship.”

One way to promote tarot card healing is to ask the right types of questions before picking a card or laying out a tarot spread. You might ask, “what do I need to know to bring healing into my life?” Other questions include:

What am I overlooking in my life right now?

What do I need to work on to bring about healing into my life?

Why does X trigger me so?

What part of my shadow side do I now need to embrace?

Tarot doesn’t just have to be a fortune-telling tool — though it can be a very good one. It can also help you to work through feelings and discover opportunities for healing. 

Psychic Predictions for 2023

Tarot cards laid out on a table with some crystals as someone makes psychic predictions for 2023

One of my favorite things about the new year is reading about or listening to new year psychic predictions. Each year around this time, you see a flood of news articles in which psychics, mystics and astrologers share their predictions for the upcoming year. 

Some of the articles seem to broach the topic tongue in cheek, treating the readings as something of a joke. Others are downright nasty, such as this skeptic site, pointing out what different psychics got wrong last year.

When anyone makes a psychic prediction, there is the possibility they could be wrong because we all have free will and can change the future at any time. I believe a psychic message or premonition is a view into the future if all things continue along the same path they have been going. But if one of the parties in the event makes a change, the outcome can change.

With that said, here are some psychic predictions for 2023.

Here comes the Antichrist

Predictions about the Antichrist have been around for as long as I can remember. I was always fascinated by the prophecies of Nostradamus when I was growing up. Nostradamus spent a lot of time talking about the rise of the Antichrist and how the Antichrist would cause terror to reign down all over the world. I’ve also heard so many guesses made about who the Antichrist would turn out to be, with guesses ranging from Osama bin Laden to Donald Trump being tossed around. 

One psychic, Athos Salome, says the Antichrist will start to make himself known in 2023. Salome is often called the “Living Nostradamus” and he has predicted such major events as the death of Queen Elizabeth, the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Covid-19 pandemic. When it comes to the Antichrist, Salome says the years 2023-2026 will be very active years for this person, though this person is already making an impact in the world. 

Nostradamus predictions still relevant

Nostradamus prophecies still make news, and according to some who study Nostradamus’ predictions, they are still quite accurate. In fact, he predicted high inflation would be a reality in 2023, which we are already seeing. 

 Craig Hamilton-Parker, who has been called the ‘new Nostradamus’ (I’m sensing a pattern here…) has predicted a slew of global challenges in 2023. Among them: food shortages across the world, rising tensions in the Middle East and war between China and Taiwan. Just a couple of days ago I saw this article about China’s renewed threat against Taiwan.

Baba Vanga, a blind psychic known for predicting the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks among other things made a number of unsettling predictions for 2023. Among them was an alien invasion that would affect Earth’s orbit around the sun, which would threaten the ability for humans to live on this planet. She also predicted a nuclear accident that would spread toxic air across many countries. Another one of her prophecies had to do with biological weapons; she predicted that a developed nation would launch such an attack this year.

Celebrity predictions are always fun. Pop star Madonna will have a tough year, according to Nicolas Aujula, a London-based psychic who predicted the Covid-19 pandemic.  According to Aujula, Madonna will experience some type of sorrow

 Hamilton-Parker also offers some celebrity predictions including a few about the Royals. Prince Andrew will experience a major challenge such as a psychological breakdown, Hamilton-Parker predicts. He also warns of some type of accident that could impact the Royal family. 

Astrologer Jessica Adams offers a few predictions about politics in the United States. For one, she predicts that Donald Trump’s time on the world stage will come to an end. She also talks about a new female leadership that will gain in power in the United States. She is unclear about who that will be, but she throws around the names of Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC).

Creating your own psychic predictions for 2023

While it can be fun to read the predictions of others, why not test your own psychic predictions as well? To do this, simply use your favorite method of divination whether it’s tarot cards, astrology, or simply tuning into your Spirit Guides. 

The important thing is that you write your predictions down. That way you can see how accurate you were over time. If you have other metaphysical friends consider coming up with predictions as a fun activity and a way to strengthen your psychic muscles. At the very least, you’ll have an entertaining experience in which you talk about potential global events.  And you might find that you’re better at making accurate predictions than you think.

A Dream of Giving Birth: Transformational Dreams Continue

I wrote last about a dream of climbing a ladder. As I explained, it was clear to me that this dream was significant. I also believed it was foreshadowing the move from one chapter to another chapter in my life. The transformational dreams have continued, as last night I found myself dreaming of giving birth.

The spiritual meaning of a dream about giving birth

Before I go any further, let me just say that there is no way this dream can be literal. After the health challenges I’ve endured, I know giving birth in the literal sense of the word is not probable. However, the spiritual meaning of giving birth in a dream often has little to do with becoming a parent. 

What giving birth could signify in a dream

There are a ton of dream symbolism web sites and dream symbolism books. While these can be helpful, I like to first think about what symbols mean to me. I believe the Universe communicates with us in a language that is specific to us. My symbols may have different messages for you. 

With that said, there are some general themes that come with certain symbols just as archetypes tend to have universal meanings

Giving birth can definitely mean going into labor and physically birthing a child. But it can also mean birthing something else, such as a creative project. If you study astrology, you may know that the fifth house is not only the house of children but it is the house of creative works.  Whether you’re birthing a baby or a book, it can likely be found in the fifth house of your astrological chart. 

I would go so far as to say that giving birth to something can represent any new meaningful effort that you are about to bring into the world. Some examples include:

  1. A new philosophy
  2. A new project
  3. A new perspective
  4. A new process
  5. A new way of being

While new births are happy times, the birthing process can be painful but if you ask any mother, she will likely say that it is a pain that is well worth the effort. There is also that period before the birth when the mother knows the baby is coming but she doesn’t know when or how life will be when the baby is here. She’s not wishing the baby will come or hoping the baby will come or doubting the baby will come. The baby is a real person even though he or she isn’t here yet, and the mother knows it is here as she awaits the unfolding of her new life once the birth has been complete.

My dream of giving birth

In the dream I had last night, I was laying on what looked like a hospital bed. There were people surrounding me and the medical staff was helping me to feel comfortable. Everyone was excited. I was excited. We were all waiting for the baby to arrive. 

Interestingly, the birth did not take place in the dream. We were all waiting for the imminent arrival. We knew it would be soon, but we knew that it would happen in its own time. 

My analysis of the dream

This one wasn’t too difficult for me to figure out. I am birthing something, but I am still at the pre-birth stage. I suspect it has something to do with my writing, which has changed dramatically over the course of the last two years. I am working on new creative projects — particularly fictional projects — that were previously on the back burner for me. The dream could be referencing me birthing my first fictional book.

Even my non-fictional spiritual writing has taken a turn. I’m also brainstorming an idea for a new blog. One thing I have learned: Though I may think I know what a dream or intuitive message is trying to tell me, I allow myself to continue to be led rather than assume that I have all the answers. Over time, I will know what has been birthed so while I continue to move forward with my writing, I will pay attention to other things that come up. It could be something I am not even thinking about consciously right now.

How dreams connect over time

So here is why you should record your dreams if you want to build up a metaphysical practice. I have found that dreams often work together, giving me more and more information as I go along. 

In the dream about climbing the ladder, I saw myself reach the top without anyone’s help, even though I had been afraid I might fall. The fact that I moved from one floor to the next showed me that I was reaching a new level in my life and entering a new stage. 

This dream of giving birth is a continuation of that theme. I am not only entering a new stage and new level, but I am birthing something new that will, again, herald in a major change in my life. 

If you want to start recording your dreams, you can use a dream journal or any notebook. You can also record your impressions on your phone if you don’t feel like writing. The important thing is to get the thoughts down so that when events take place in your life that correlate with your dreams, you’ll know when you had the dream and exactly how your intuition spoke to you.

Read about the earlier major dream I had: The dream of climbing the ladder

My Dream of Climbing a Ladder: An Interpretation

There is so much we can learn from dreams. But so often we don’t take the time to set intentions to remember our dreams. And if we do remember our dreams, we often don’t take the time to record them. Last night I had a dream of climbing a ladder, and when I woke up I knew I had been given some important information through my psychic senses.

dream of climbing a ladder

A vivid night of dreams

I’ll admit, last night I had a number of dreams and one scene seemed to flow into another. For example, I remember dreaming that I was looking up in the corner of a house I was in and I saw a bird sitting in the corner near the window. I also dreamt about a cat and a kitten; I have been contemplating getting a dog or a cat and I’ve had a number of cat dreams lately, which tells me that I will be gaining a new fur baby in the form of a cat in the near future. 

But the ladder dream seemed different. There are certain signs that I look for that tell me a dream is important. Among them:

  • I feel emotions in the dream. Whether I’m happy, sad, scared or anxious, if I feel emotions, I know this is a dream to pay attention to.
  • I wake up after the dream. Sometimes when a dream really gets my attention, I will wake up as soon as it ends. It’s almost like I’m giving my conscious mind the opportunity to contemplate what I just experienced. After the dream of climbing a ladder, I did, indeed, wake up.
  • The dream stays on my mind throughout the day. Whenever I find my mind going back to a dream from the night before I know that my higher self is sending signals that this is something I should pay attention to. My ladder dream filled my thoughts more than a few times as I went about my life today. 

An overview of my ladder dream

The ladder dream was not long and convoluted; rather it was very short. In the dream, I was climbing a ladder inside of a large, tall building that looked somewhat like a castle. The ladder was taking me from one floor to the next. 

At first I was confidently climbing the ladder but as I got closer to the top, I began to feel uncertain and I started to get scared. Once I was a few steps away from the top, I began to feel like I was going to fall. I was struggling to hang onto the ladder as I felt my feet slipping off. The fear I felt was palpable. That’s what I mean about experiencing emotions in the dream. I was on the verge of having a nightmare.

But then I noticed that there was a man at the top of the ladder. He was looking down at me. He seemed friendly enough. He seemed like he wanted things to go according to my best interest. I felt relief upon seeing him and I asked him to help me finish climbing the ladder and get to safety.

But he would not help me. He actually said he could not help me. He sat there watching me struggle and did not lift a hand to help me. Yet, I still felt like this person had my best interests at heart. 

I continued to struggle and then I made it to the top. The man wore a smile on his face, and he said ‘that was close.’ I was happy that I had made it to safe ground. 

How I interpreted the dream of climbing a ladder

There were a number of ways that I could have looked at that dream. I could have focused on the man who did not help me and wondered if there was someone around me that I could not trust. But that’s not what I intuitively felt about the dream. 

I felt like the man could not help me climb the ladder because that was a journey I had to take for myself.  I was near the top of the ladder, which told me I was almost at a new stage of my life and I was looking for someone to save me, if you will. However, ultimately I did not need anyone to save me. I had the power to save myself and get to the top of the ladder and onto new ground.

So how do I apply that to my life? Readers of this blog know that I have been having health challenges for a couple of years. I had a Whipple surgery earlier this year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January 2021. The surgery was a success and it’s considered a cure. Though the recovery has been slow and long, I am moving to my new normal — a new stage in my life. Yet, I still sometimes feel like I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop.

I took the dream as meaning I am almost at the next stage in my life. The top of the ladder put me on a new floor. Higher ground. I’m still dealing with the emotions and physical changes that have been brought about from treatment over the last couple of years. I have grown so dependent on others — caregivers, doctors, etc. — that I’m waiting for someone to continue helping me up the ladder. However, I simply need to climb to the top. There is no-one to save me because I don’t need saving. I believe the man I saw was like a spirit guide rooting me on but wanting me to see that I have the strength to carry on. 

Interestingly, I did a tarot pull today from my Modern Witch Tarot Deck and it confirmed some of this dream. I pulled the Eight of Cups, which depicts a person walking away from eight cups, the Page of Wands and the Devil. My interpretation: I’m walking away from this challenging experience in my life and I have a choice. The Page of Wands is all about new adventures and starting a new path while the Devil is about being shackled to the past. It’s up to me — I can let the last two years shackle me down (keep me from reaching the top of the ladder) or be my launch pad (give me the courage to reach the top of the ladder).

I’m choosing the latter. Thanks to the dream and the cards I know I have everything I need to move away from this experience for good and into the next stage of my life. 

The next night I had another transformative dream about giving birth. Read about it here.