Welcome to Psychic Lessons! If you’re interested in the psychic realm and all things related to it, you’re in the right place because so am I! I have always been fascinated by intuition and the power that it brings. I decided to bring all of my investigative powers to the world of metaphysics where I explore how intuition works and attempt to share what I find. Here at Psychic Lessons, you’ll find information about such topics as psychics, angels, Spirit Guides, soulmates, Tarot Cards and Akashic Records, among other things. You’ll also find recommendations on books, products, workshops and courses to help you develop your own psychic abilities so you can use them to help you in your own life challenges. Finally, we’ll connect you to the best and most reputable online psychics so that you can receive insights that can help you bring happiness and clarity to your life. I’m Mara Enid, your guide to exploring the psychic realm at Psychic Lessons. For years, I’ve explored the psychic realm through readings, courses, books and experiential workshops. My desire is for you to use this site to learn a little about some things that you’re interested in and find out where you can go to learn a lot more. If you have questions or comments about this site, email me at mara (at) psychiclessons.com. I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you.

-Mara Enid






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