online psychic development coursesWhat if you could know immediately whether someone was lying to you. What if you could know that the date you’re going on isn’t worth it, or is going to lead to a long-term relationship? What if you could know which job to apply to? By learning to be psychic you can.

You don’t have to depend upon psychics to help you make your life decisions. Strengthen your own psychic abilities from the comfort of your own home with these online psychic development courses.

As you strengthen your intuition and become clear about your life, your friends may even start to ask you to give them readings! Once you take one or more online psychic development courses and become more comfortable with your psychic abilities, you might even decide to make money by giving psychic readings to others.

Whether your goal is to gain more clarity in your own life or to make money as a psychic reader, these online psychic development courses from the experts will show you how to connect with the Spirit world.

How to read Tarot Cards

If you’ve always been fascinated by Tarot Cards, that’s your spirit telling you that they are the divination tool for you. Learn how to read the cards for insight into your own life, or gain the ability to do Tarot Card readings for others. You’ll also learn how to use the cards enhance your natural psychic abilities.

How to read Angel Cards 

Angel Cards are like Tarot Cards, except the imagery features that of angels. As with Tarot Cards, the different Angel Cards have varying meanings, which can change depending upon the way the cards are laid out. Made popular by Doreen Virtue, an Angel Card reading can give you guidance in such matters as romance, financial matters and career questions. There is a healing quality to an Angel Card Reading. The message is one that will help you to better align with your soul. Learn how to read Angel Cards for yourself or for others.

How to be psychic 

If you’ve ever thought of someone right before they called or sensed what a loved one was going to say before they said it, your intuition is making itself felt. Imagine how your life could change if your psychic ability was stronger. Imagine being able to  pick up on subtle changes to your relationships before they reach crisis status? Imagine getting an intuitive nudge about what move to make in your career? Imagine being able to get intuitive guidance on your biggest problems and challenges? Imagine being able to communicate with loved ones who have passed over? In Psychic Ability Made Simple, psychic medium John Holland teaches you how to get in tune with your own intuition and  harness your psychic abilities to transform your life.

How to read your past lives

Do you have a natural curiosity about your past lives? Do you wonder how past lives could be impacting your current choices? Do you have fears or phobias that defy logic and that you believe may stem from another lifetime? You could be drawn to do past life work on yourself, and to help others along that journey. This past life regression certification program teaches you how.