3 Ways to Strengthen Psychic Ability

We’ve all had flashes of intuition, but wouldn’t it be better to be able to call up your intuitive power when you needed it and when you chose to? You can do that, if you take a few steps to strengthen your psychic prowess. This psychic lesson will show you how.

Just as your body strengthens with exercise and becomes weak when it lies dormant, your intuition works better the more that you use it. If you’re serious about making your intuition as potent as possible, consider the three following tips:

Test your psychic ability.

Unfortunately society often tells us to look outside of ourselves for validation. We grow up listening to what others think we should do and in many cases learn to distrust what we feel and know for ourselves. To get your intuitive juices going, you’ve got to flip the script and focus on what you’re feeling and receiving internally. One way to do that is to test your psychic ability. In doing so, you show yourself that it works. For example, before you meet someone, make a guess as to whether you’ll like him or her. Then, see if you were right. You can do the same thing before going someplace new. Imagine before you arrive, what the experience will be like. Pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that come over you and when you actually get there, see if any of your impressions were accurate. The more you do this, the better you’ll become.

Track your psychic ability.

When you test your psychic ability and realize that you’ve had an intuitive hit, record it. By keeping a record of times that your intuition served you well, you have a method of reminding yourself of its power if you later have doubts. Recording your intuitive experiences can also help you to see patterns in the way that your intuition works. For example, you might notice that you feel a twitch on your right side whenever someone lies to you. Such knowledge and patterns might go over your heard if you leave the recollection to chance.

Trust your psychic ability.

When you receive intuitive guidance, it’s important that you act upon it. It does you no good to intuitively know that taking a particular class would be good for you if you don’t take the class. When you act upon your psychic hunches, you show that you have faith in them. When we believe in something we give it power. By trusting your intuition and acting on it, you make it a major part of your life, and what we focus on grows and flourishes.

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