A Ritual for September’s Full Moon in Pisces

If you follow moon astrology, you likely know that every full moon has its own unique flavor. The sign the full moon shows up in has everything to do with how we are likely to feel during that particular full moon period. September’s full moon in Pisces, which takes place on Friday the 13th, is no exception.

Generally speaking, the full moon is one of the most powerful times of the month. It’s when the moon’s energy is at its most heightened state, and that energy often has a way of impacting the way we feel, particularly for those of us who are very intuitive or highly sensitive or empathic.

Around the full moon you may have more psychic insights and more vivid and intuitive dreams. Whenever I pick up on something intuitively around the full moon, I pay even more attention to it than usual. This is truly the time when I experience the most psychic hits.

The full moon is also a powerful part of the moon manifestation process. We plant the seeds to new things that we want during the new moon and by the full moon, we begin to realize some of the fruits of our efforts.

The full moon is a time for us to recognize our power but it’s also the beginning of the waning moon season when it’s time to shed those things that no longer serve us. To fully realize and embrace the full moon’s potential, we can conduct a ritual that will crystalize our intentions.

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What the full moon in Pisces is about

Going back to the fact that every full moon has its own unique personality, it can be helpful when planning a ritual to understand the qualities of that particular moon. The moon in Pisces takes on some of the qualities of the sign.

Pisces, a water sign, is one of the most emotional signs, so this full moon may have you in your feelings. You may also notice an emphasis on relationships and people you love and feel the desire to be around your loved ones. If there’s someone who is no longer in your world that you miss, don’t be surprised if thoughts of that person become top of mind. The full moon in Pisces may also shed light on some of your fears and doubts. Recognize that you have them rather than fight them. Only when you bring your fears to light can you eventually move through them.

So what kind of ritual might make sense? One that gives you an outlet for those strong emotions and helps you to channel any intentions to remove what may be holding you back. I like to use full moon rituals to propel me into waning moon season and focus on something that I’m really serious about removing from my world. Since Pisces is about emotion and relationships, I’d go for creating a ritual to help me remove something that has a strong emotional pull, such as:

  • A tie to an ex that I’m trying to get over
  • A strong fear that’s keeping me rooted to a job I hate
  • Beliefs about myself or my life that no longer serve me

The nuts and bolts of the ritual

To conduct this ritual you need the following supplies:

On the night of the full moon, start off by giving yourself time and space where you will be in solitude. In your journal, write down the question: what emotional tie am I now ready to cut? Then, with your non-dominant hand (for example, your left hand if you are right-handed) write what comes to your heart.

Once you know what you’re ready to release, it’s time to seal the intention. Take the candle and light it. If you have Patchouli, dress the candle in the oil before you light it. Then visualize whatever it is you’re trying to eliminate from your life and see it leave your life in your mind’s eye. Allow the candle to burn down before putting it out with a candle snuffer.

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