A Sister’s Tale of Intuition

I received the following story via email from Christine W. about how her intuition helped her sister get through a medical emergency. Here it is in her own words:

My sister and I had gone shopping together over the weekend. We had a great time and I had packed up the car and the kids and was headed back home. I live about 30 minutes away. I was more than halfway home when I had a feeling I had forgotten something really important. At first I shrugged it off, but it kept bothering me until finally I pulled over into a gas station and checked the car to make sure I had my purse and my wallet. I couldn’t think of anything else I needed since my kids were in the car with me. Anything else, my sister could either mail or I could pick it up later. But the feeling got stronger and I started to feel nervous so finally I just picked up my cell phone and called my sister. There was no answer. At this point, I knew I had to go back. I did trust ‘bad feelings’ so I turned around and went back to my sister’s house. She didn’t answer, but I have a key and I found that she had passed out. I called an ambulance. She’s fine now, but I realize that that feeling that I had forgotten something was my intuition.

Thanks for the story, Christine!

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  • Jackie199

    Some of this also could be the connection that siblings have. My sister and me often will end up in the same place without having planned to do so. We also just know when the other is upset or in need of a phone call.

  • Wow! Great story. Good thing you went back

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